Monday, December 14, 2009


So here's a post not about restaurants again!

I spent almost the whole weekend at home, with only a few trips to pick friends up from train stations and visit the supermarket.

On Saturday my boyfriend, best friend and I had a whole day of cooking!

It all started with me waking up and having this massive urge to make pancakes. Which I did. And as Rici and I munched on them with honey and peanut butter, he said he had wanted to make potato pancakes but as I had been up earlier I had announced my pancake desires before his.

So I proposed he do them for lunch instead!

So we invited my best friend David over and in that process, Rici and I also decided that he was going to do most of dinner as well and that maybe I would bake something. So a whole day in the kitchen! How fabulous!

So off to the supermarket we went to get potatoes Of course.

Unfortunatley I don't have a recipe really for the potato pancakes, Rici just has a general idea of how much stuff to put in, in general. Although if it helps we did have 1 kilo of potatoes we grated with a few eggs, a little flour, salt and pepper.


Rici the mastered the art of pancake flipping!

In the mean time, I decided to go try make a cocktail I had from Antonio's...the frozen Mojito. It came out delicious. The trick? A LOT of mint leaves in the blender.

So after we ate out easily 10 potato pancakes...(can you imagine..? 1 kilo of potatoes between the three of us...) It was onto making macaroons! I took the recipe out of Marie Clare 'Flavours'.


Aren't they delicious looking? They definetly came out a lot better than I expected!

No macaroons for Blackie-poo....

After a spot of peppermint tea with our macaroons, we decided to watch Pulp Fiction to take a break from cooking, but then very promptly returned to the kitchen after to make dinner!

A spot of chicken, pesto lamb, peas and fried potatoes....including my brother, we polished it all of it off!

All in all, a very good day of cooking! It encourages me to cook more, which I never really did before, so hopefully this will keep up!

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