Saturday, May 29, 2010

Guava Bean Mini

As this blog probably has made obvious, I'm quite fond of my chai lattes. After all, I'm not a coffee drinker, hot chocolate tends to feel a bit too heavy to drink at regular coffee dates and whilst I love me a cup of tea, they're easy enough to do at home by myself.

So a chai latte becomes a little treat when I'm out.

And so, I am always on a lookout for a good takeaway chai latte in the city.

I hadn't found anything really around the Myer/Melbourne Central end of the city until recently.

I had walked by this tiny little coffee shop in Causeway Lane before, but hadn't had the time to stop. According to it's website, it's the smallest cafe in Melbourne. Hey I'd believe that. It's literally a bright green hole in the wall, with a coffee machine, and some fridge space for milk!

I love the little milk pitchers stuck onto the walls at the back!

Guava Coffee Mini opened up in about February this year, and is run by the ever so friendly Alistair. It's always nice on a cold winter day to be greeted with a bit of smile and cheer. I find it's really sometimes the people who will make you come back to a place.

And a little complimentary almond biscuit too.

Oh and my chai latte was excellent. It was the sort with the taste of the spices at the back of your throat yet still lovingly sweet, especially with the honey. Definitely somewhere I'll be frequenting as it gets colder and colder!

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