Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Triiiippppyyy Taco!

Oh my, so behind in uploading!

I'll try to keep this short n' sweet.

It was a cool Friday night and we had my friend from Sydney with us and decided to have a quiet one.

So we stayed close to David's house in Collingwood and prowled around Smith St for a while. Although I did want to try Wooden Spoon, we all did somewhat decide that we'd do something different and have a spot of Mexican.

I don't know what it is about Mexican, it always sounds so inviting, suggests casual and laid back, simple hearty flavours. And maybe some cheese. Just maaaybe.

And well orange.

Did I mention it was orange?

Bohemia's a great beer, not so sweet but not too hard or bitter on the palate either. And not as gassy as some Australian beers tend to be I find, a real smooth drop.

David insisted on getting the chips, because they have been raved about before. He insisted on two bowls. I said no, he said yes. I didn't want two bowls because I knew I would demolish one bowl by myself. And well I pretty much did. The flavouring on the chips is absolutely delicious and the chips themselves are just the perfect crispy texture.

Trippy Taco tends to do snack sizes and meal sizes of almost everything on the menu, which I thought is a fun and neat idea. I suppose the snack sizes appeal to those who have one too many Bohemia's.

David got the Trippy Taco meal and Brad went for the Trippy Taco Snack size (the only difference being he gets one taco instead of two). I absolutely love soft shell tacos, less messy and quite delicious!

Simon got a burrito, which is monstrous. Like huuuge! And again, very tasty. If I ate flour I would have easily devoured more of his meal....

I decided to try something different, I spied the 'Tamale' on the menu and had heard the term several times on Top Chef (LOVE THE SHOW!) but wasn't actually sure what it was. And the description of a 'dumpling in a corn husk' conjured some weird images in my head. So I got the Tamale meal and as you can's quite a beast! It certainly made me think of the potato dumplings I had back in Prague, in regards to the texture.

But it's certainly a very filling option and I absolutely love corn. So I did indeed, clear the plate.

Oh and for the gluten free people, Trippy Taco is your place, most things on the menu can be done gluten free, so you don't have to hold back!

So was I tripping out of Trippy Taco? Yes, over my very full belly.

Quite intrigued to come back and try the Chocolate taquitos.....

48A Smith St

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