Monday, May 17, 2010

A quick revisit to Allegro...

Argh, so backlogged! I have so places and blogging I've been wanting to do but I've just been way too busy!

So there will be a mini flood over today and tomorrow....

Brad and I went out for dinner on Thursday night, which looks like is becoming a bit of a trend...whilst we originally had decided on going to Bar Lourihna, since he hadn't been ever and I hadn't been in almost 2 years, we walked up to the door and found even the waiting area completely full with people!

Usually we are both terrible and take ages to contemplate where to next, but I realized I still had my Starwood Privileges card that was going to expire at the end of this month (so sad!). And off to Westin we went!

As I have said in the past, I always enjoy going to Allegro in the Westin. Good food, smart but relaxed atmosphere and very attentive and friendly waitstaff.

Brad got the kingfish fillet on braised lentils with buttered broccolini and a ginger and carrot emulsion.

I found the fish a little bit dry, but kingfish has that tendency, so for what it was, I still quite enjoyed it. However, when had with the emulsion, it was absolutely delightful. And I love love lentils.

I ordered the baked ocean trout served on herb risotto with a bacon and mushroom broth.

This was just DELICIOUS. The trout was done perfectly, and the herb risotto (that peek of green underneath) was so tasty. I had never had such a basic risotto before, I'm personally so used to having risotto with something else mixed through it, fish, mushrooms, chicken etc. But as this was just a basic herb risotto, the flavours were so focused and the rice done perfectly as well. I could easily go back for more.

And don't let my pictures fool you, they are both very decent sized servings, so even though we were both hungry and started dinner quite late, we really couldn't even consider having dessert since we were so comfortable.

All in all, another fabulous meal, Allego hasn't let me down yet. I do have to say, I always love how colourful and well plated their dishes are, it's always a visual treat.

205 Collins St
9635 2200

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