Friday, May 28, 2010


Although there are actually so many options down Glenferrie Rd in Hawthorn, it can sometimes be so difficult to decide where to go on a spontaneous note.

Which is the situation Brad and I found ourselves in last night.

But after sussing out the options, he said he had never tried Italian on Glenferrie, I had already been to Di Palma's and whilst I had been reading mixed reviews on Rococo, as I said to my mum before I left the house 'I'll never know myself unless I actually go'.

The last time I had been to Rococo, was when it was still known as Isa Brown, way back in high school. I really shouldn't be feeling old yet, but I kinda do at the moment. Hmm.

I do like the new toned down, mellow interior, it's dark yet warming and I suppose being fairly busy and bustling doesn't hurt it too much either. Whilst the place was quite noisy, I could still talk to Brad without the both of us shouting, which I personally find a bonus.

The staff were quick, efficient and courteous, which impressed me since the place was so big and it was a very busy night.

Being a cold night, and whilst I kind of wanted to cut back on the carbohydrates since that had been all I had been eating all day, I couldn't resist trying the arancini. Now I kind of wish I hadn't really, whilst I always say you can't go wrong with cheese, the arancini were quite soft and mushier than I like, there was no texture of the rice and were luke-warm instead of being piping hot as I usually like having them.

But as I said. I was hungry, it was cold, there was cheese, it was pretty tolerable.

I went for a salad with seared salmon and warm vegetables with a caper dressing. Whilst nice and hearty, especially with vegetables such as eggplant and pumpkin, it wasn't very exciting. Nor as warm as I was hoping it would be. Salmon was cooked well though, the insides of the salmon being nice and pink and tender.

As I said though, not very exciting.

For Brad it was the fettuccine with mushroom sauce. Again, nice, but not amazing. Pasta was cooked well, not too soft, aldente, sauce creamy and flavoursome.

We opted out of dessert to scuttle across the road to Cones to get a scoop of gelato instead.

Although our meal wasn't horrible by any means, and the service prompt and efficient, I felt the prices we paid (my salad was $25 and Brad's pasta was $19.50 I think), were a little overpriced for what they were.

Not somewhere I'd find myself back at too soon, but mainly because I feel there are better options to be had on Glenferrie Rd.

797 Glenferrie Rd
Hawthorn VIC 3122
(03) 9818 8212

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