Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Espectacular! Mad Mex!

So someone decided to get a couple of tacos, burritos and a Subway store and well. Smushed them together.

With a bit of Melbourne tossed in there.

What do you get?

Mad Mex, that's what!

How cool is the Corona chandelier?!

Mad Mex opened up fairly recently on Chapel st, just on the border of Prahran and Windsor and whilst they have couple of stores in New South Wales, this is the first of the franchise to open in Melbourne.

I had read about this place on yourrestaurants.com or somewhere similar a while ago and whilst it looked very cute from the outside, with the mask on the wall and the Corona bottle adorned lights, I was quite surprised that it was a...subway style restaurant. If that makes any sense.

It's kept quite simple here, first, you choose either to get a burrito (with a wrap or naked), taco (soft shell or hard shell), quesadilla or nachos.

Then you choose your meat, there's a choice to have beans, chicken, pork, lamb or vegetarian (and a few others I can't remember right now).

This is then followed by your choice of salsa, with varying degrees of hotness. You of course also decide whether you want cheese, guacamole and whatever else they offered. I think I was offered sour cream.

Then you pay for what you ordered and go find a lil spot to eat. Four of us slipped into a cute little booth and promptly devoured our meals. Fortunately I managed to get my camera out faster than they could get their meals down their throats!

I got the soft shell taco, you get two, with pork, roasted tomato salsa (which was given two chillis), beans, cheese, lettuce, onion and urrr...the kitchen sink? Really scrumptious and surprisingly flavoursome. Everything just tasted so fresh.

David got the naked burrito, which is essentially everything that you would find in a burrito (rice, black beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, corn, meat etc. etc. These Mexican meals have a lot of stuff in them...).

And Brad got your standard burrito, although he went for chicken. Both versions were very nice, I loved Brad's, rice in a wrap just tickled me somehow. The burrito was huuuge though, my picture does it no justice!

Vincent, our lovely friend from France, got the hard shell tacos, you get three.

As I said, everything got demolished relatively quickly, and I was very happily filled, for under $10. Yes, you can get most of the meals for under $10! Very reasonably priced methinks.

To compare this with Trippy Taco, which we all ventured to quite recently as well, I honestly prefer Mad Mex more. The food just somehow feels fresher, cleaner and the flavours are therefore more concise. And hey, there's a little bit more space! Given the choice I would choose Mad Mex to come back to again!

131 Chapel St

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