Friday, May 21, 2010


A restaurant, a bar? Tazio seems to border somewhere between the two.

Whilst the interior lends itself more to being a restaurant, with some lovely intimate seating areas, the menu with it's massive drink list made us all question otherwise!

But we were quite pleasantly surprised.

Service was friendly, company was good and food was quick.

Brad and I tucked into a Pipsqueak cider each.

As we were a slightly larger group I didn't feel entirely comfortable trying to get very clear pictures or pictures of everyone's food. Although I do regret not taking a picture of the pizza, as my friend Vince's looked absolutely amazing! And according to Urbanspoon reviews, their pizza's are supposed to be consistently great.

I can briefly comment on a few of the main's though.

I got the crispy skin salmon, with broccoloni. My dish came out a bit later than everyone else's and I have to admit, initially I was a bit underwhelmed with the size of my dish in comparison, as it looked significantly smaller and not as hearty. However, the serve of fish is actually quite sizeable and I found myself very comfortably stuffed after finishing it.

Salmon was a tad dry, but living up to it's name, the skin was absolutely delightfully crispy. Broccolini was also a bit harder and firmer than I would've liked it, I had been rock climbing the day before and cutting into it was a little bit of extra effort...

Brad got the traditional porcini mushroom risotto. Quite lovely, beautifully creamy, rice was cooked to a very nice texture and it wasn't too soft or mushy. I found myself tucking into his dish a couple of times while he was engrossed with talking...

Whilst 5 out of the 6 of us had main dishes, other dishes included a farfelle pasta with ox tail and peas and a crumbed veal dish, I would certainly suggest that if you do come to Tazio, maybe tuck into the pizza's instead. As I touched on earlier, they certainly look incredibly hearty and there is a great selection.

I generally find Italian food a little bit unexciting, so whilst I did very much enjoy my meal and the place, I doubt I'd find myself back in Tazio soon, as being gluten intolerant, I have to be picky where I get my pizzas. Unfortunately, Tazio does not cater to my rather picky type.

66 Flinders Lane
9654 9119
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