Friday, May 21, 2010

Going into the Cabinet...

It seems Wednesday's have really become quite unproductive work days for me, as it's the day I usually go into the city to go to the gym and then meet up with Brad for lunch. Although he's got exams and assignments coming up so (half) hopefully this trend may change...

When we had been in the city last, we had trammed down Swanston and I had looked up and noticed the sign for Cabinet and a couple of people sitting on the terrace, then realised this had been another little spot I had read about.

So I promptly went home, checked out the website and made it an option for lunch, which we obviously ended up taking.

You get into Cabinet, via Rainbow Alley (awesome street name!) which is just off Little Collins, near the corner of Swanston. The small little doorway, is a little unfortunately hidden amongst an assortment of bins, which makes the approach a bit off putting, but once you go up the stairs (so Melbournian) it's the most charming little spot.

The decor feels quite rich and dark, but is also relaxed and cosy. I really quite liked the space though, with some relaxed and easy jazz tunes going on in the background. Sadly the balcony had been booked out for a function, but I suppose that just gives more reason to go back for a drink one of these days....

Chai tea/lattes that are infused in a pot always quite amuse me, they just take up so much space! Put the tray on my table and there's no space for anything else!

The staff were very friendly and accommodating, giving us another table to fit all our drinks on when the food came along.

Brad went for the duck, mushroom, blue cheese and um...I can't think of it right now nor can I recognise it from the picture. But it's a flatbread, obviously! When it came out I thought it looked a little sparse of duck but he was very happy with it, neatly polishing everything off. I did nick a little of the duck and found it to be very pleasing, great texture as well!

I went for the seafood salad with rocket, tomatoes, prawns, spicy tuna and smoked salmon. I was perplexed at how all the flavours would work together, and whilst it wasn't all focused very well, all the ingredients in the dish were wonderful and fresh. The prawns were plump, incredibly juicy and sweet and the rocket very fresh.

I do have to say, we were both also quite surprised at how generous the servings were, I'm not really sure what impression I had for Cabinet, but I was expecting slightly smaller servings!

I'm personally certainly looking forward to another visit, I like how it is quite a bit more hidden than some other places in Melbourne and I'm personally always looking for a nice quiet drinking hole in the city, which are becoming rarer and rarer. So I suppose I will have to check this place out in the evening sometime!

To finish off our meal, since it was a lovely day, we decided we'd make a quick visit to Brunetti's before Brad had to run off to Glenferrie for class, as I think a good meal should always be finished with something sweet...

I always love going and getting a couple of the little biscuits and sweets...because they're little you get to try more and you don't feel as naughty :)

Cabinet Bar and Balcony
11 Rainbow Alley

Brunetti City Square
214 Flinders Lane

Cabinet on Urbanspoon

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