Sunday, May 2, 2010

St Jude's Cellars

A couple of nights ago, Brad had a gig, I had some time, I wanted to go for dinner in Fitzroy since I never make the effort to spend time there.

So I got David and gave him a couple of options, quite strongly hinting at St. Jude's Cellars and since he knows me so well, of course he went with that one. I suppose it helps it's on the entertainment card as well, finally got to scratch off one number! May there may be many more number scratching to come!

I really enjoy the feel of St Jude's, it's spacious, high ceilings (yet again!) and the space is intimate but spacious. It feels quite simplistic and somewhat industrial and modernist in comparison to the rest of Brunswick St (which I tend to associate with being a little more hippy and colourful) but that really appeals to me.

Whilst we were told we could go browse the cellar for a bottle of wine, we scanned through the drinks menu and found they had bottles of cider at extremely reasonable prices. So whilst I forget the name of this cider, I can tell you it was from Spain and it was extremely delicious. I've really started to enjoy making cider my drink of choice when I go out, just so easy to down, sweet and slightly gassy without the bloated carbonation of beer.

Unfortunately these photos are quite dark, as the lighting in St Jude's is atmospheric, but not too dark, don't you hate places where you can't even read your menu? David and I decided to opt out of getting entrees, as we usually prefer mains and then dessert (or I do anyway...)

And gosh, I'm glad we did opt out. I got the caramelized eggplant (since I can NEVER resist eggplant), with spiced tofu and chickpeas and yoghurt.

I have to say, I was quite impressed with the size of the portions we got, I couldn't even finish my meal because I was just so full. Very generous.

But the dish was just delicious, David found it all a bit full on, but I loved the sweetness of the eggplant mixed with the chilli.

David got pork belly with potato puree and other stuff (I forget. It was a few nights ago after all now). I thought it was tasty and well done, he just thinks there needs to be a little more potato or something blander to go with it to balance out all the intense flavours...(although when he said he wanted rice with it I think it's just the Asian man in him speaking...)

And to make ourselves feel a bit healthier we just got some iceberg lettuce, cucumber salad with mint on the side.

It's just as well really that the portions were so generous and I was so full, as sadly David and I both found the dessert menu a little bit lacking and uninteresting. But we tend to look for delicious ice-creamy or cheese-cakey type desserts, I'm not such a fan of poached pairs personally.

Whilst we didn't get to finish on a sweet note, I am still quite looking forward to revisiting St Jude and see if maybe they might have something on the dessert menu that interests me a little more next time.

391 Brunswick St

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