Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I love me some crunch...Kenzan GPO

When I need a quick lunch, my usual fix is a smoothie from Tropicana and a couple of sushi rolls from Kenzan GPO

Yes they are a little bit more expensive than Sushi Sushi, or the numerous ones dotted around Melbourne Central, but firstly, the size is far more appropriate. I mean, I can't have been the only one noticing how small the Sushi Sushi rolls have been getting as they slowly but surely pump up the prices. Secondly, the quality of the rolls and ingredients is far better. In my opinion anyway.

And thirdly, who doesn't love the seaweed that's wrapped separately, ensuring the delightful, delicate crunch before you get to the rice?

So let me show you how it's done basically. Pardon all the pictures are in my lap, I took my rolls and my smoothie and perched myself on the steps of GPO to watch the people go by. Whilst Kenzan GPO is located in a dark cosy laneway, I love watching the hustle and bustle of people go by.

So here's your roll, very politely stating what's in it.

You then unravel it...see how the rice and seaweed is separate?

Then you put it all together! And noms ensue. This was the first time I had the soft shell crab and I wish it was a metre long roll as it was absolutely delicious. A lot more flavoursome than I had imagined!

They also do onigiri in the same fashion. My personal favourite is the vegetarian onigiri.

This is because of the soy sauce that's through the rice, along with the mushrooms and carrots etc. etc.

And as you can see, the procedure with the onigiri is exactly the same as the sushi rolls.

Kenzan also does more standard rolls, without the seaweed wrapped separately, a number of soba, bento and rice dishes and even sashimi. And again, whilst not the cheapest in town, I certainly think it's extremely reasonable for what you are getting.

350 Bourke St Melbourne VIC 3000
9963 7767

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