Monday, May 10, 2010

Vegie overload!

Last Thursday was a strange one for me, time-wise, but I suppose in general since I wake up so early I tend to have these crazy long days...and then it doesn't help when I decide to wait til Brad finishes uni to go out and have dinner with him, which is waaay later then when I usually eat.

But it worked this Thursday since mum made this crazy awesome lentil and chorizo stew which had me stuffed for like 6 hours...ahem.


The last time I went to see Brad play, I had gone out for dinner with David beforehand and had been discussing on places to go. Brad had said he had always noticed Vegie Bar and had wanted to check it out, but of course, just never got around to it.

One day while flicking through my entertainment book, hey! A voucher for Vegie Bar. What more incentive do you need?

We walked in and gosh! The place was completely packed out with people, totally buzzing but a good feel vibe too. The only spot that was made available to us, was two seats by a window side bench, which ended up actually being quite a nice spot. We both enjoyed our night very much.

I have to say, one thing that impressed me was somehow, even though the place was busy and totally packed out, and a lot bigger than I expected in general, there's like a huge warehouse style area, plus an upstairs PLUS an additional side room, I could still hear Brad quite comfortably without him having to scream at me. I do appreciate good acoustics.

We started our night with a carafe of sangria, which is really just this massive jug and for $25, I certainly had nothing to complain about. The jug very happily lasted us all night.

The staff were extremely attentive all night, they swung by us 2 or 3 times before we were ready to order and after we got our jug and ordered our food, within seconds literally, we had a flask of water, followed by someone else who wanted to give it to us as well but found someone else had gotten there already!

To eat, we opted for an entree and two mains to share. The entree was rice balls, made with brown rice and vegies and served with a satay sauce. Whilst a little bit crumbly and fall-apart-y (great english!), it was delicious, the satay sauce was just peanut perfection.

I chose the Tagine, mixed vegetables and chickpeas, with moroccan spices, minted yoghurt and couscous. I really can't resist chickpeas. It was quite a warming and hearty dish, and the yoghurt always gives it an interesting tang.

Brad chose (or well he was tossing up between two things as always so I intervened) and got the curry special of the day, which was an Indian vegetable masala with rice. I honestly ended up liking this better than my Tagine, whilst not particularly spicy, the spices in it were nice and the texture of the eggplant (the main vegetable, my favourite) was just delightful.

Now I really think we should've gone two entrees and a main, because even with the two of us being quite hungry, we could not finish both of the mains. The servings are really quite generous! I was literally rolling out of the door (wearing a high waisted skirt probably did not help me either...) which is a shame because I was dying to see how they did their chai latte, since I am under the impression that vegetarian places do it better....

Oh wait, I just realised I never said this was an entirely vegetarian restaurant...I suppose the name speaks for itself, but even if you are a meat eater (like I can be), I think there are plenty of options on the menu that are hearty enough to not make you desire or have an incredible need for it. For at least one meal. Which may be a good or not so good thing looking into the future....

All in all, our meal, with a nice little 25% discount on it, totaled up to about $40 (I forget exactly), which for a very filling dinner, including drinks, I thought was very reasonable. Might try popping in earlier next time and grabbing a seat upstairs so I can indulge my voyeuristic ways. Hmmm. :P

380 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, 3065

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