Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Backstreet Cafe

Hey look guys! It's Brad on a wide lens! :D

I pleasingly picked up this new lens on ebay, usually $600 in stores (or $300 on ebay stores), I snagged it for a sweet $150. And so with a new lens, a new cafe visit was due!

So Brad and I popped by to the rather new Backstreet Cafe in Fitzroy. Sister cafe of Birdman Eating…not too far away. However, this younger sister does have quite a different feel to her, she's got a little more Melbourne to her, likes wearing black and a little bit more off the beaten track, hanging out on Kerr Street.

Shooting in here wasn't easy, it was pretty dark, which is not usually so desirable for a brunch place, but I get the feeling whilst Birdman Eating has a great emphasis on baked eggs and brunch, Backstreet Cafe offers a bit of that, but looks like it'll eventually be gearing more to an evening crowd. But that's for another blog post in the future perhaps…wouldn't mind trying some of the in-house cured meats…!

Back to brunch though. Coffee and chai latte, not the most amazing chai I had, but it certainly still satisfied my weekend fix. And how cute is the teapot? I have a similar one at home, but it's only white……think I need to go buy one with patterns on it now.

Brad went for the baked eggs, Backstreet cafe, like it's older sister, still has baked egg specials, which are usually quite interesting. Out of the three options available that day, Brad got the baked eggs with lamb, eggplant and tomato. Three of my favourite ingredients? Totally win!

Served with the signature cube of butter on bread, the baked eggs were a treat. So flavoursome and delicious. Piping hot too. Loved this combination. May try it at home!

I on the other hand, needed something fairly light. Although I do love baked eggs, I had eaten a bit too much the night before. As usual.

The 'Breakfast' Caesar salad caught my eye, with baby cos, capsicum, poached eggs, cheese (I forget what sort) and maybe anchovies? I forget. Gotta love being able to get my veggie fill early on in the day! This was a really great combination, simple, but I wouldn't have thought of it on my own. (This is partially because I am a fail cook) The baby cos was beautifully crisp and fresh, the eggs poached perfectly. It was overall a very clean meal and a nice alternative to the 'big breakkie' you tend to get at lots of cafes.

So brunch was executed well and tasty, but for me, not an overly memorable experience as I didn't feel the surroundings felt....'brunchy'. And whilst the food is good, service efficient, I think it will be more interesting to see how this place does a lunch or dinner service. Another visit due perhaps...?

Backstreet Cafe

152 Kerr Street
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

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