Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Min Lokal

Whilst I love my eggs and chai on the weekend, sometimes I hate going out for brunch.

Well I suppose it's not so much the 'hating brunch', but it's the 'hate waiting for a seat', as you never know how popular or how busy a cafe will be on the weekend. Especially if you've never been there before.

So I was hesitant to visit Min Lokal in Fitzroy, as I really don't like waiting and I've heard it's fairly popular.

Fortunately, it was a fairly cool summer morning and we sat managed to sit outside.

Min Lokal is Swedish for 'My Local', which is appropriate, as it's contently wiggled it's bottom to squeeze in between a couple of homes away from the main thoroughfare of Brunswick Street.

The menu is brief, but it did have some lovely options, although it did threaten to fly away in the gusty wind that day!

I love it when I get to have tea or my usual chai in beautiful looking, or beautifully crafted cups, like this brown number made in Italy. So shiny! The chai though was just okay for me, I would have liked a little more flavour.

It was a little too warm for baked eggs, although Min Lokal had some very seductive offers. Instead, Brad tried out the poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on roasted field mushrooms, spinach, chorizo and toasted baguette.

Wow. Gorgeous. I didn't try any of this, but I absolutely loved how it looked. So elegant!

For me, I could not go past the morcilla sausage scrambled eggs, with chilli, pine nuts and parmesan. I have continuously professed my love for black pudding, so how could I go for anything else? Really?

Sadly though, I was a bit disappointed. I found the whole thing a little bit under-seasoned and bland. I expected a bit of bang from the chilli, fattiness from the morcilla and parmesan, and earthiness from the pine nuts…but nothing really came through for me. The mushrooms were still delish though!

Maybe I should have gone with the baked eggs, since that is what is reportedly good, but that may have to wait until the weather cools down a bit. I also found it took quite a while for our order to be taken and then the food to come out, so I suppose if you're in the area and would like a long leisurely brunch, this might suit, but this visit, I was pretty hungry. Waiting was not optimal.

But maybe then, I should take the mind of a local, and sneak in on a random midweek afternoon, when hopefully I can get a table inside next time...

Min Lokal
422 George St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

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