Saturday, March 31, 2012


Coffeehead last Saturday was such a lovely way to start the day. The place is just so damned…cool…but approachable. Like that really likeable popular girl at school you want to hate but can't because they're so nice. I was a loser in high school, so I felt like that about everyone though. Haha!

Coffeehead greets you, surprisingly tucked away right next to Camberwell station, with a beautifully playful logo and cheery primary colours. Coffeehead has probably been one of the more kid-filled cafes we have been to (and remember, we do go to breakfast a lot in Hawthorn and Balwyn), but it's not hard to see why. The old warehouse building is spacious, plenty of room for the kids to run around on playful chequered floors, quirky colours and odds and ends.

Kind of retro, but totally cute, I couldn't help but continuously turn in my chair to keep looking around.

Despite kids running around the place, the staff were unfazed and incredibly friendly and bright. They kind of matched the decor. If that makes any sense.

Coffeehead is one of Paul Mathis venues, with the concept of being a coffee retail store, so the shelves are filled with all sorts of beans…many of which you can try as house or speciality blends. Look at those coffee beans standing in a row…

There is a tall communal table or smaller tables for four…buuuut since the light was better on the table for four I shoved my way on to it. It's not me! My camera's forcing me, I swear!

Brad's latte looked and smelt lovely, I loved the deep brown tone. Sure I may not like drinking coffees, but I still certainly appreciate them aesthetically. I know it ain't so easy to make them pretty!

My soy chai latte was yummy. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Smooth with just the right balance of spices and sweetness. In my usual fashion I demolished almost the full cup before Brad could even get through half of his latte…and he did get his first…

Whilst the menu was filled with some delicious choices, and a few kid menu options which I thought was pretty cute, Brad and I were tossing up between the same two items. Which made it pretty easy to order. I blurted whatever came out of my mouth first, and he would order the other dish.

So that meant Brad got the Huevos Rancheros, baked eggs with jamon, capsicum and tomato ragout in toasted tortilla. Let's just confirm here, the tortilla/bread was on the side, not in it. Little typo there?

It was quite a saucy baked egg (ho ho), and perfect for the cool March day it was. The folds of jamon poking out at the top of the dish were just so irresistible to me. The egg blended perfectly into it's environment, melting into the dish as the yolk was broken. A very generous serving and the perfect something to warm your soul.

I went with the poached eggs, served on potato roesti with crispy istra bacon, spinach and thyme hollandaise. I'll admit I don't usually go for potatoes or hollandaise, as I am somewhat occaaaasionally conscious of what I eat, but I am so glad I caved in to Coffeehead's offering.

Pretty as a picture, with the hollandaise lazily sliding over the neatly constructed pile of eggs, spinach, bacon and potato, it tasted so good all together. Perfectly oozy poached eggs, with still firm whites and bacon that was to die for. It was indeed, incredibly crispy as promised by the menu. The roesti was also just delicious, with a bit of char on the outside giving a slightly crispy crust. Very homely. Very delicious.

It's so refreshing to see a cafe with as much pop and colour that Coffeehead has. There's a fantastic energy to the place for me, it feels quite youthful. Friendly service, a focus on coffee (and a very tasty chai) and quite delicious food. I do have to say, that poached egg offering is one of the better one's I've had…and I absolutely hate to play favourites.


8-10 Railway Parade
Camberwell, VIC 3124

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