Monday, May 6, 2013


So it's May already. Gosh that was kind of fast don't you think? We're almost halfway through the year already!

A couple of things happen in May. Melbourne really starts to get real nippy. International Nurses Day happens. Mother's have their special day.

And my birthday happens. Yay! How do you guys normally celebrate your birthdays? Drinks? Cake? Well yeah, all that stuff will happen (though not till the 24th), but for me, I'm also celebrating with the debut of Ashley's Hungree Birthday Giveaway Bonanza! 

 photo hungreebirthdaygiveaway_zpseac01e44.jpg

Yup, your favourite words guys. Say it with me. G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y. Not just any giveaway though! This is a giveaway with some wonderful offers from different restaurants, cafes, wine stores etc. that I personally love. Could be loved recently, could be loved long time, but regardless, loved. I've personally approached each of the establishments below, not expecting much response, but have been absolutely astounded with their generosity, which, without, this post could not have happened. 

Because this is a 'Giveaway Bonanza' and not just a 'Giveaway', I don't have one, two or even three prizes to give away. I have TWELVE yummy goodies up for grabs. 



Breathe, Ashley, breathe. Pheeewwwwww. 

So not to keep you chomping at the bit for too much longer, let me outline what is up for grabs and then more importantly, how you can be in the running to be…well, in the running!


If you don't know how much I love Percy's Aeroplane's soy chai by now, then you clearly don't know me at all! The very kind folks from Percy's have been kind enough to provide breakfast for two, which includes a coffee (or chai, actually I'll be very sad if you don't get a chai) and dish off the breakfast/brunch menu each! I'm a fan recently of their smoked buxton trout brunch dish. Mmhmm!

T&C's: One coffee or chai and item from the breakfast menu per person. No additions or variations to the breakfast items permitted.


I adore pizza. Love it. I mean, how do you go wrong with cheese and bread really? I've always been on the hunt for a good gluten free base as well, which I recently found at the Grosvenor Hotel. But not just that, I remember dying over their chicken liver parfait (a Marco Pierre inspired recipe) and their chunky fries, which are just sinfully crunchy, who's recipe remains secret. Not fair Amelie!

T&C's: Valid for 4 months. Has to be redeemed in the restaurant. Cannot be used at the bottle shop.


So Travis is ridiculous. But in the totally good way. The guy who brings us some of the best beef ribs I've had in memory, is also giving me (to give to you) six vouchers to dine in at Masak Masak! That's three $30 dinner vouchers and three $20 Sunday brunch vouchers. 

Now Sunday brunch at Masak Masak is brand spanking new, so you're going to get to try it, perhaps even before the hoards of bloggers get there! Travis has told me to expect thick toast, with kaya from Luxbite with butter, Lo Mai gai (sticky rice and chicken goodness) and nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf (this one I'm particularly excited for)! So a real Malaysian style brunch, giving your weekend morning a bit of a different flavour!

T&C's: Dinner voucher valid Mon - Sat. Brunch voucher valid Sunday only. Booking required. Strictly for food only. Cannot be used for drinks. Valid until 30th of June


Yen and Bernard at Luxbite are amazing, I love that we are able to bond over good Malaysian food, an obsession with Japan (although they get to visit a lot more than I do) and of course, sweets of all sorts! Of course, they're wonders in the kitchen as well, whipping up a gorgeous rainbow of macarons, in all sorts of exciting flavours (Pandan? Kopiko? Bamboo Charcoal? Yes please!) and of course absolutely beautiful cakes that are almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. 

Just so you know, $50 is enough to order one of their cakes that can serve 8 to 10 people…surely you need to spend a voucher from a birthday giveaway on cake? Surely? I'd personally get the Opera of Banoffee cake, your traditional chocolate and hazelnut classic, with a little tropical twist in there. Yum!

T&C's: Valid until 30th of June.


To keep the sweet theme going, Helados Juaja, which is the only place I go to gelato on Lygon Street now (because I'm such a foodie snob, teehee) has kindly given me two vouchers so that two of you guys can take a whole pack of gelato from them. Oh man. Should totally keep one of these for myself, but that wouldn't be very nice now would it? If I were going to get a take-away pack, I'd make sure I had some of that Argentinian dulce de leche, with chocolate chips and maybe the salted caramel…or white chocolate with raspberries? But what about hazelnut? Hhmm…

T&C's: Valid until 30th of June.


Rounding up the offerings, with a cheerful tipple (or eight), Jack from the Tasting Table has been very kind to offer a lucky couple tickets to a Tasting Event of their choice, which usually retail at $35 per ticket! There's a Bourdeaux Wine Evening coming up in June, where you will have the opportunity to try 8 wines from the famous winemaking region. Think this would make for a lovely date night! You can also keep an eye on the website to see what other events come up soon!


Because I'm so nice, I'm going to give you two opportunities to enter! 

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me about your favourite way to celebrate your birthday (I need some ideas for mine!) and an active email that I can contact you on (or I won't be able to give you your prize! Sadface!)

2. Follow me on twitter and tweet about this competition! Please make sure to include a link to this post, tag me (@imsohungree) and include the hashtag #HungreeGiveaway

Please make sure you've done both of these things before Friday the 24th of May 11pm to have two chances to be drawn for any one of the awesome prizes above!

I will draw and announce the winners on the 25th of May (provided I'm not too hungover from the night before)! 

And finally, a couple of general terms and conditions (boring but necessary)!

Limited to people in Australia
For those who do not live in Melbourne, I will not provide any transport to get here, only the above vouchers!
For those that live in Melbourne, I will only be providing vouchers, no transport!
Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
Winners are chosen at random! No bribes taken...
One prize per person, giving everyone a chance to get something here!
Additional T&C's may apply for vouchers


  1. What a stunning array ... definitely a bonanza! Almost all places I've already promised myself I'd check out, a voucher would be a good way to motivate The Sparky to get out too :)

    Personally I prefer a quiet day on my birthday, I'm not big on being the centre of attention. A night in with my man, a dvd and takeaway (so that I don't have to cook) is my ideal, but certainly not for everyone.

    Whatever you decide, I hope you have a great birthday!

    1. Hehe, it's always nice to have a little incentive to get the guys out hey? ;)

      I've done that in the past years and am kind of tempted to do it again, but have ended up making an event on facebook (although haven't decided where to go yet!) :)

    2. Hi Keren, I just realised I don't have your email address! Can you please email me so I can get in touch with you? imsohungree @gmail .com

      Thank you! :)

  2. Enjoy a lovely Birthday & thanks for such a wonderful idea for a competition:)I'm similar in that I don't like fuss on my Birthday but love exploring different places & eateries & Melbourne is amazing. My husband & I both celebrate Birthdays this time of year (late April-early May) - Autumn in beautiful Melbourne & we love to get away for a day during the week to the Well Fed Package through Endota Day Spa & Max's Restaurant at Red Hill Winery Estate. Red Hill is a magical place. You can enjoy a facial, massage & foot spa before a divine two course lunch & glass of wine at Max's overlooking the gardens. Value for money, lovely staff at both Max's & Endota & while you are out that way you can explore the beauty of Red Hill. Definitely a hidden gem of the Mornington Peninsula. Lovely way to pamper yourself & a friend on your Birthday. Thank you for the opportunity for a voucher - enjoy a fabulous Birthday:)

    1. Also my email - thanks for the opportunity & keep up the amazing blog:)

    2. Hehe thank you! :)

      I love your idea of a spa and wine escape! Sounds absolutlely lovely, may have to look into it! :)

  3. Wow, what a great giveaway!
    To celebrate my birthday I like to take the day off work (if possible), have a lazy morning, then head out for some day spa pampering. Home for a glass of bubbles (preferably French), then out for a nice dinner somewhere with the husband.

    1. Ooh, I think some spa pampering should definitely be in order! :)

  4. Ooo my birthday is in May too! I'm so excited hehe so far lots of dinners and brunches planned as well as watching The Great Gatsby on my actual birthday. Then my best friends and I are heading off to a long weekend getaway trip to Margaret River to indulge in moar food and moar wine. Can't wait! :)

    1. Yay to May babies!! :) Ooh, lucky Great Gatsby's coming out! Star Trek's before my birthday but maybe i'll get nice tix to me an action film ;)

      And goodness, wine trip! How lovely, wish I had the time for that!

  5. oh my birthday is in november. But one way I want to celebrate this is by going bowling followed by Meat and Wine Co. I don't drink wine so no wine prizes for me. Oh and does follow you on Facebook count?

    1. Ooh, bowling is always a fun option! :)

      As much as I wanted to include Facebook, I just wasn't sure how to track it effectively, as they've recently done a lot of changes to the Facebook pages :( But please do spread it around with your friends!

  6. It's my birthday tomorrow! REALLY!
    The girlfriends are joining me for lunch and art at Melbourne's great National Gallery's cafe!
    And I'll be happy to just see the kids load the dishwasher for once...

    1. Oh my goodness! Happy early birthday to you then! Sounds like you have a lovely afternoon all lined up! :)

  7. Great competition and happy birthday in advance! My ideal birthday would involve a long pampering sesh at a day spa, followed by a beautiful lunch out (perhaps at the Lake House) and then I'd like to flop on a couch somewhere and relive my childhood with lots of ice-cream, chocolate, lollies and a so-bad-it's-good 80s/early 90s movie. Bliss!

    1. Thank you Georgia! Spa's seem to be a popular birthday trend, might have to look into this! Although I can guarantee chocolate and ice-cream will be happening! :)

  8. A few weeks prior to my birthday I would jump onto imsohungree.blogspot, randomly go to a post on a randomly chosen month and BANG! We're going there for my birthday! (Naww jk, sucking up much? haha). Actually my birthday is more so reserved for spending time with my family; because as much as its about me it wouldnt have happened without my parents. I'll treat them to a nice dinner and night out. Friends can celebrate with me in the following days, that's usually a messy story :)
    Happy bday in advance! Best wishes!

    1. Haha, if only my blog had that much power ;)

      I like your mindset though, I'm hoping to do a quiet dinner with my family before seeing my friends after on my birthday perhaps! Thank you! :)

  9. Happy Birthday :)

    For my birthdays we tend to do something special, last year we went to high tea at Hopetouns - in French aristocrat costumes.

    This year is a milestone and so we're booking a nice restaurant by the sea, for a formal dinner, with top hats and tail for the gentlemen and evening dresses for the ladies. The theme is black and white, but I'll be wearing red. They'll be a dessert buffet and ballroom dancing. :)

    Following & Tweeted

    1. Thank you! :)

      Haha, your trip to the Hopetoun tea rooms sounds like so much fun! Always nice to have an excuse to dress up isn't it? I think I may have to encourage top hats at my birthday now too...!

  10. I must admit I'm not a big one for birthdays - a nice dinner out at a favourite restaurant is all I want.

    rshaw 1961 (at) yahoo dot com dot au

  11. OHHEMMGEEEE. What an awesome giveaway!! And happy birthday to you Ashley!!
    My favourite way to spend my birthday would be to book all my friends in for brunch, lunch, cake, dinner and drinks and more cake haha I would just go crazy and eat and drink like it's the last day on earth :D
    hope your birthday involves lots of wining and dining too xx

  12. Omg, I love this giveaway! It's awesome!

    I like to spend my birthday with lots and lots of yummy food. I usually spend my birthday over a couple of days, having meals after meals with family and friends. This year was a little bit different though. I was away from home without my closest friends and lovely parents, so I had a quiet dinner with the Boyfriend on my actual birthday. And instead of getting me a gift, my Boyfriend took me for a birthday weekend getaway to Sydney where we ate, and ate, and ate. It was one of the best birthday presents! Nothing quite like celebrating your birthday with delectable cakes and scrummy meals! :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday too, Ash! xx

    And if I win *fingers and toes crossed*, you can contact me on :)

  13. happy birthday!! please keep these reviews coming!

    my best birthday would have to be celebrating with friends at barefoot bowls at edinburgh gardens!! its so much fun and you can invite as many (or as little) people are you like. its very flexible in terms of options for food (they cater or you can byp and use the bbq) and shelter (you can hire a marquee or the club rooms..or even just turn up and use the rink). its very cheap and goes off on a saturday and sunday (so you have the option of a daytime sesh or an afternoon one)! you should go down and observe one saturday night anyway and you'll understand what i mean!

    fingers crossed-->

  14. WOOOHOOOO! what an awesome build-up to your special day!

    My idea of birthday celebration would definitely have to include food, even if it means travelling for it! Luke took me to Momofuku Seiobo for my birthday, he had to go through the entire tedious procedure of creating an account, logging in first thing in morning on that specific day, click refresh a thousand times just to nab the table! and of coz we had to fly to the city! after Sydney, Booo and I celebrated at Royal Mail Dunkeld: I drove 4.5hours x 2 for the epic dinner and it was totally worth it!!

    Can't wait to hear about your celebration!

  15. OMG wishing you a super Happy Birthday in advance Ash!! This is an amazing GIVEAWAY super generous!

    I love celebrating my birthday and my ideal bday celebration would be to have no savoury food that day and just have cake and dessert all day long hahaha :) I would also like to have more than 3 cakes because I am super greedy! Chocolate, Cheesecake and something with green tea I would be in heaven!

    I follow you on Twitter and will tweet about it now :) YAY! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  16. What an awesome birthday post, Ashley. Love it!! I'm not entering the competition - as I don't live in Melbourne it's too far to come - but I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Eat all the food. Buy all the clothes. Have all the massages. xxx

  17. Ohhhh wow! This has just got me very excited and I was starting to think 'I really can't wait for May 25th' but then I realised that when it gets to May 25th I'll be around the corner from Uni exams... so maybe I don't want May 25th to arrive too soon??? Mixed emotions.

    ANYWAY, I highly recommend having a picnic for your birthday! (Or in the likely event that the weather doesn't permit this, then something of the sort inside). Get a bunch of friends together and ask everyone to bring a little snack and you can make the main dishes. I did this for my birthday and 1. loved making delicious food for my friends (but also loved not being under too much pressure to do a lot of work because they all brought stuff too) and 2. loved sharing and tasting everyone's food!
    I'm not the biggestttt birthday fan so it was a good way to keep myself occupied for a solid portion of the day and be surrounded by friends and delicious treats!!

      /cue joyous music
      As soon as I saw the photo of the chai latté, I immediately recognised that it was the beautiful creation of Percys Aeroplane, since that cute café is the highlight of going to church near there. For your birthday, maybe some waffles for breakfast since its looking a bit chilly, maybe a day of spas and visiting the Monet exhibition, Korean barbeque for dinner and a massive slice of chocolate heaven from Luxbite or P&b. Yeah, sounds niiice. But have a lovely day whatever you do ��

  18. Ooh....I too love May cos that is always when I am in Melbourne!
    Wishing you a fabulous birthday... one where you are spoilt rotten by all who are near and dear :)

  19. favourite way to celebrate my birthday? haha I think you already know, a big get together with friends with an awesome meal and games afterwards. Picnics in the sun is awesome too followed by icecream roulette!

    im already prepping an outfit for your bash

  20. my favourite way to celebrate my birthday: once with the family over good food (preferably one that involves a lot of sauce and use of hands), then with friends (cooking a huge spread for those closest and dearest to me, hitting the clubs dressed in costumes, going for late night karaoke, taking lots of silly pictures on the polaroid),and with the lover (nice meal with a nice view, a mini getaway holiday in a spa resort).

  21. This is truly a bonanza like no other! Well done for putting all this together!

    I don't tend to do much for my birthdays, but if I am to indulge myself, I'd take the day off, treat myself to a massage or facial or haircut, and then have dinner with loved ones, with a fancy cake and a bottle of Pedro Ximenez.

  22. On my 30th I went to Japan with 2 girlfriends and they planned the whole trip for me! We went to Kyoto and Osaka and although it was in Jan so we froze our ass off we had so much fun! The girls even surprised me with a bottle of Moet and a TOTORO birthday cake!!! *I love them!*

    Happy Bday Ashlee by the way- and funnily enough my mum has the same bday as you do LOL

    OH my email address heehee : Piggyeatalot at gmail dot com

  23. Ah..I wish my life is more exciting. It's not so fun to be a SAHM.what celebration can I remember? Even last Sunday's Mother's Day was uneventful.No cards.Just a quick bite before kiddo's tuition.Dinner takeaway.but your giveaways sound exciting.all new places to me.sorry but I don't think you'll want to celebrate your birthday like my Sunday's huh!? Have a good one.

  24. Happy Birthday! :D I'm not really someone who does much on their birthday, but a dinner with close friends, and one with the family would be something I'd look forward to! And of course lots and lots of cake haha! :D

  25. Happy Birthday.

    A family dinner where I don't have to cook or clean up afterwards! At a restaurant would be a bonus.

    email is shawfamily2008-kalai at yahoo dot com dot au

  26. Firstly, an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ashley! Honestly, my birthday is my absolute favourite day of the year, I love birthdays, I totally OWN the world on my birthday, and I love finding people like yourself who celebrate it!

    The one constant in all my birthdays is to make sure I have fun ALL day and being with my mates - and incorporating plenty of food and alcohol! Most recently I did a birthday weekend away in Lorne, and since my bday is in December, the beer, seafood and beach was perfect! And THEN as a present, my lovely besties took me to Burch & Purchese for a dessert and wine night - for a sweet tooth like me (plus given my incredible crush on Darren Purches), it was SO amazing!!

    As you can see, I can pretty much ramble endlessly on birthdays, and maybe karma will bring me one of these fantastic vouchers! I wouldn't even know how to pick a favourite!

    Hope you have an awesome (absolutely drunken) birthday!

  27. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and happy birthday Ashley! I don't think you are ever too old for Disney, so a fun birthday event would be to have a Disney-themed dress-up party with awesome food and bonding over those childhood memories :).

    juliaytan at gmail dot com

  28. Happy Birthday hunz <3

    Ok looks like I can comment now after trying so many times at home!

    Anyway, I love fine dining during my birthday with my close friends and catching up for brunch with other friends! 2011 = Atlantic, 2012 = Trocadero. Not sure where 2013 will be though!

    But have an awesome birthday <3

  29. Well I like to do birthday week, which sometimes extends to birthday month, and generally involves me being spoilt and doing whatever I want for an entire week. So, not much change from normal life. Haha. But definitely a nice meal has to occur at some stage.

    Happy early birthday!

  30. Happy Birthday Ashley!

    Giving away presents on your birthday ..... I like your style :-)

    My favourite way to celebrate my birthday has always been a nice romantic dinner with my wife (Rockpool, Mediterraneo, Dish the last few years), then a cruisey BBQ the day before/after with family and mates. Can't really go wrong!

  31. Thanks for the awesome competition =)

    I would celebrate my birthday with having HIGH TEA at HOME!! I have a high tea stand so I would bake macarons, little cakes and have sandwiches. Invite some friends over... get dressed up and it's like having high tea (but cheaper! :P)

  32. Lovely giveaway Ashley! Happy early birthday for tomorrow. I usually don't celebrate my birthday but definitely love it if it includes a spa treatment ;). email is idreaminchocolateblog[at]