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Mushroom Mania - Woodfire Cafe Pizzeria

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Australian Mushroom Growers for their 2013 Mushroom Mania campaign. Venue was of my choosing, meals paid for and as always, my opinions my own :)

My family rarely eats out as a unit. It's really only for special occasions, such as birthdays. There are several reasons for this. My dad travels a lot, which means he eats out a lot when he's away, so when he's home, he loves to cook and pop open a bottle of wine without the worry of needing to drive somewhere later. My parents generally both think eating out in Australia is too expensive (which it is really, but what else is one to do?) and my brother…well he's a bit of a homebody sometimes and is quite content to spend his evenings sewing away in his room.

However there are always two things I can guarantee my brother will leave the house for, with no special occasion attached. Anywhere that serves Japanese food, or gluten free pizza. 

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7590_zpsdbcbee3f.jpg

So when I told my dad that one night I was going to check out a pizza place in Ivanhoe with my brother, that did gluten free pizzas, I was quite surprised when he decided we should all go together! Well, that basically just means more pizzas to eat then, so no complaints there right?

We bundled into the car, crossed fingers that the traffic would have died down already and made our way to the Woodfire Cafe Pizzeria on Upper Heidelberg Road. 

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7591_zps286184af.jpg

I was quite surprised how busy the little space was on a Monday night, with several large tables, which meant making a booking had been a decent move. 

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7594_zps3a60842e.jpg

The restaurant was basic, but quite cute, with a couple of pictures and photos to liven up the white walls and exposed light bulbs. My dad liked the edges around the restaurant, where the menus are propped up, which he used for his glasses and iPhone, to keep them away from the mess that was going to be pizza later!

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7595_zpsa7d61882.jpg

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7617_zps908a8adc.jpg

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7618_zps1a204ec4.jpg

We started our evening with a couple of mini arancini specials, one plate with bolognese aracini and the other with a pesto combination. We found these needed a touch of salt, and were a little on the dry side, but a good size as a nibble. 

But then it was on to the main event…pizza time!

We decided to get two gluten free pizzas and one with a regular base, as my dad was curious to see what the difference was like. 

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7647_zps3d1b0fbb.jpg

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7627_zpseb5610fe.jpg

I naturally had to get the mushroom pizza, since it's Mushroom Mania month, with truffle oil, field mushroom, porcini mushroom, gorgonzola and fior di latte. Honestly, when I'm out for pizza, I almost always gravitate to a mushroom variety as my first choice. I just love the combination of cheese and mushrooms, it's so naughty, but since the mushies are so good for you, I don't feel as guilty munching away. The mushrooms were so sweet, especially with the generous dollops of fior di latte and were surprisingly not too oily. I also loved that the gorgonzola gave a nice savoury hit in small doses.  

My only complaint in general might be that I found the gluten free base a little bit wet, and had to resort to a knife and fork to at least get the middle of the pizza, but on the plus side, it wasn't too stiff or dry. It's a tricky balance with gluten free bases…

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7637_zpsda7fd099.jpg

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7641_zps85c274b6.jpg

My brother ordered the meat lovers pizza with napoli sauce, mozzarella, shredded ham, chicken, hot salami, Italian sausage, bacon and barbecue sauce. Goodness, it was an absolute meat extravaganza! Loads of toppings, although a bit on the sweet side, probably from the barbecue sauce. Loved the thinly sliced ham on this though..mmhmm. 

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7633_zpsfecf70ec.jpg

Dad decided for the regular base he would order a Porco Porcini 2 pizza (I don't know what happened to number 1), with truffle oil, fior de latte, provolone cheese, Italian pork sausage, pancetta, porcini mushrooms and parsley. It wasn't quite as lavish with the toppings as the other two, but it was still well balanced. It looked much prettier than the other two! 

 photo woodfire-cafe-pizzeria-7636_zps1b267c7b.jpg

Dad commented that the regular base had much more texture and flavour to it, that the gluten free base was missing. I had a nibble, and honestly, I didn't think it was that different, but he deemed the regular base superior (which it probably is, I'm just in denial). 

I thought Woodfire Cafe and Pizzeria made for a perfectly pleasant local, with people popping in for takeaways, but having a glass of wine before departing. The pizza bases as mentioned were a tiny bit on the wet side, but the toppings didn't feel too oily or too heavy at all. 

All in, it was a rather jovial impromptu dinner for my family, and we had a great time poking fun at each other, and brainstorming stuff for work (hey, when you work in the family, it happens all the time. Sigh). We ended our night with a quick visit to the supermarket to restock on important supplies (chocolate ice-cream and milo, of course) before bundling home and putting on the documentary about Bill Cunningham.

And just a little reminder for you guys, there's a great little (or big) giveaway going on as part of Mushroom Mania month! Make sure to check it out! Maybe you could use your restaurant voucher on a mushroom pizza too...hmmm?

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  1. Looks and sounds delicious. I was thinking the wet bases sounded Neapolitan ... popped over to the website and that's exactly what they're aiming for. We will definitely be checking this one out.

    1. Oh how interesting! I didn't realise that was part of the particular style of pizza, very cool :) Although I still like being able to hold my pizza up in one hand while munching personally...!

  2. We don't eat pizza very often but once I get it in my idea that Im craving it, it obsesses my every thought until I cave. I think you have started that craving again!

    1. Haha, I totally do the same thing! When I'm like set on pizza, Brad never hears the end of it! :)

  3. My family rarely eat out as a group too, unless it's for a special occasion. The reason? Simply because they're tight arses, haha. That said, I do agree - food in Australia is expensive compared to the rest of the world.

    1. Hahaha, must be an asian gene I'm missing... ;)

      But yah, wish we could get more reasonably priced food here more frequently...:(

  4. I haven't tried much gluten free products, much less pizza bases! and yes, i gravitate towards mushroom pizzas too! cheese and mushies make the best combi!

    1. You still can't beat the 'full gluten' products, although gluten free is getting pretty good these days :)

      And yes to cheese and mushies!

  5. Ohhh nice!! I've seriously enjoyed reading every single one of the mushroom mania posts that all you guys have shared. They are so many great mushroom recipes to choose from AMAZING! This post totally reminded me of our TTVN sesh sistaaaaaa