Friday, August 30, 2013

Luxbite and N2 Extreme Gelato Collaboration!

In celebration of Hari Merdeka, Malaysia's Independence Day, Luxbite and N2 Extreme Gelato have collaborated to each bring you a delicious sweet treat, featuring a loved Malaysian ingredient...sweet coconut kaya.

If you don't know what Kaya is, it's a Malaysian coconut jam, made of coconut milk, eggs, bit of sugar, bit of pandan leaf and a whole lot of patience (I've watched my grandma sit for hours at the stove, patiently stirring and stirring....). It's commonly had on toast for breakfast with a nice big chunk of butter (...might be why it's hard to keep the weight off whenever I'm visiting Malaysia...).

I'm not typically the sort to do posts like this, but since it's only available this weekend (last day is the 1st of September), I figured I should share my pictures of Luxbite's Kaya goodness before the time limit was up! 

 photo luxbite-kaya-ice-cream-sandwich-n2-8789_zpsd34e579d.jpg

 photo luxbite-kaya-ice-cream-sandwich-n2-8791_zps11d9fe8b.jpg

 photo luxbite-kaya-ice-cream-sandwich-n2-8793_zpsf451da4b.jpg

At Luxbite, they're offering a Kaya gelato sandwich, the Kaya gelato having been made by N2 Extreme Gelato, served between two big macaron shells and a bit of drama. 

 photo luxbite-kaya-ice-cream-sandwich-n2-8797_zps01a8e938.jpg

 photo luxbite-kaya-ice-cream-sandwich-n2-8798_zps31b2b4bc.jpg

 photo luxbite-kaya-ice-cream-sandwich-n2-8807_zps32765d66.jpg

For $10, it makes for a nice little treat to share between two (or you could have one each if you're a bit greedy). Having the liquid nitrogen poured over the top hardens the macaron shells a wee bit, but really, all is forgiven when you discover the honeypot of Kaya hidden in the gelato. Oh have mercy!

I haven't visited N2 Gelato in Fitzroy yet, but they're offering up a Kaya toast gelato, injected with warm Kaya from Luxbite, which looks all levels of amazing on their Instagram feed.

So eat Kaya and happy Merdeka day to all Malaysians!

38 Toorak Road
South Yarra

N2 Extreme Gelato
329 Brunswick Street


  1. I love kaya!

    I won't be able to visit either of those places this weekend so I'm afraid I'll miss out. Oh well, there is always next year!

    1. Awww, at least we can still get Luxbite's kaya spread for the next year to get us by... ;)

  2. Oh, I wish I had seen this earlier! We had Luxbite's kaya spread on toast at Masak Masak when we went (thanks again by the way :) ) and loved it so much we went home via Luxbite in the hope of picking up a jar. Got distracted by their other offerings and forgot in the end ...

    Which is a very long-winded way of saying that I would have liked to try this!

    1. Aww, oh no! I was trying to get this up earlier on Friday to make sure it got maximum exposure, but it's always a bit hard when it's so short notice!

      They do do a mean kaya spread though don't they? :) Need to get into Masak Masak to try out their brunch menu soon!

  3. I honestly cannot think of a better collaboration seriously amazing!! N2 has been slowly filling my IG feed and the crowd just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Need to get my lazy arse out there one day to finally try it for myself, cannot wait!