Friday, December 23, 2011

The Brix Cafe and Bristot

A few of my favourite things.

Rainy overcast days (but not windy days!).

Black pudding.

Black tea. No milk.

Going out for breakfast.

Spending time with Brad.

And I got all of this one lovely morning at The Brix.

After not being able to find Brix the weekend before, as it is very, very neatly tucked into the side of a building running perpendicular to Brunswick Street, I was quite promptly reprimanded by Essjay on twitter. I was glad she did despair at me though, as I really had a lovely breakfast with Brad the weekend after, when I decided I really would find it!

We were really both quite surprised how quiet it was on a Saturday morning, which suited us though. It's really only over meals when we go out, as I gulp down my French breakfast tea, which comes in the most adorable tea set, and Brad sips on his latte, that we get the opportunity to contemplate our lives, the world and what the future holds. Yes I had tea. No chai latte at Brix!

It's funny with Brad and I, as we're so alike, yet so unlike. I'm the yappy one, he's a little more quiet and contemplative. I love taking and being in photos, he hates posing. He's always up for a good intellectual debate, I'd much rather avoid any form of confrontation no matter how mild. Yet we can both lean back in our chairs and enjoy watching the rain gently navigate it's way down the windows. And nerd out over video games together.

I can only guess that Brad knew what I was going to order the second we got the breakfast menus. The breakfast menu is short, but if not for the option I had, I would have had trouble picking what I would want to have as everything sounded so delicious!

But when I see "Black pudding: apple, radish, duck egg" on the menu, I just know there's no two ways about it.

It's very much like Ora's black pudding offering, except that the black pudding at Brix appears less fatty and is much milder in the metallic blood taste. It was also more charred around the outside, which provided a slightly crisp outside and an absolutely lush and meaty inside. It also had a lovely kick of warmth to it, which I certainly savoured. Brad waited patiently as I had my 'moment' with my black pudding. He knows I need my space at certain times.

And my gosh, the bread! The perfectly buttery, perfectly toasted, kinda flaky bread! Words cannot describe, it reminded me a lot of the brioche I had back in Paris!

Brad needing something a little more substantial went for the pork cassoulet with a baked egg, persillade and rye bread. It was exactly what he needed.

With an oozy egg sitting in the middle, it was a deliciously rich dish. The beans in the cassoulet had absolutely absorbed all the porky sausage flavour, which basically equals: super yum. Brad quite enjoyed wiping up what was left with his bread.

After breakfast, I could have sat there all day by the window. Brix is the sort of place that looks really neat and slick, but there's always something catching your eye, whether it be the draped roped (which I thought kind of looked like rib cages), or the beautifully painted, but rather somber looking painting on the wall. I think the decorations, the mismatched walls, all sort of make me feel like I'm at home.

And so, with one visit, The Brix is easily set to be added to my list of favourite things. Hang tight for a photobomb of a post, when I recount what I had at the $80 fixed price, 5 course menu a few weeks later….

What are some of your favourite things? :)

The Brix Cafe & Bristot

Rear 412 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

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