Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Eggs with Cacao and Tim Clark!

Disclaimer: I was invited to join in a blogger event at Cacao 

Happy Easter everyone! Although I may personally be toning back on the chocolate (need to keep weight in check for trip to America in June!), I hope your weekend is filled with the delicious stuff, fluffy bunnies and time with family and friends.

Or if nothing else that you're all enjoying a good sleep in!

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9077_zpsc91e83d2.jpg

I thought in celebration of the chocolate-filled holiday (although yes, it has it's roots in religion, but that bit is not as fun), I would share some photos from a fun little night we had in Cacao Fine Chocolates and Patisserie's kitchen in St Kilda, with Tim Clark, one of the co-owners and master chefs and a gaggle of 8 bloggers or so. Not that you need to look at more chocolate, but maybe after the weekend you might still need a little more. Maybe?

It was a seriously sugar-induced night. Although we started with some savoury nibbles in the cafe area, brightly and vividly decorated (pop in to check out the adorable humpty dumpy chocolate display, made with one tonne of chocolate!), it wasn't long before the hot chocolate came out (super delicious yo) and soon after, we moved into the kitchen to…well…have more chocolate.

This particular night, Tim explained he would be helping us make our own easter egg, with a salted caramel chocolate ball on the inside. Excite? 

Yes much.

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9068_zpsa8025409.jpg

Tim, who was friendly and chatty, busily explained the properties of chocolate as we snapped away like crazy. Tim was the perfect host and teacher. He had all the credentials after all, having worked in a Michelin star restaurant in Germany, working on cruise ships and at Crown Casino. He was also Australia's first Callebaut Chocolate Master (as the competition only opened internationally in 2004)…even beating Zumbo to the title and getting to represent Australia in France! 

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9078_zps59845623.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9083_zps60fe0089.jpg

The first step to making our eggs, was to temper the chocolate. Foe to all Masterchef contestant, but when in a relaxed and non-pressured situation such as this, was actually incredibly relaxing to watch. 

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9086_zps80c450c0.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9091_zps5d364157.jpg

It's hard to explain in the short exactly why you temper chocolate, but it's to basically control the consistency of the crystals (chocolate is composed of lots of different ones), to ensure chocolate maintains a glossy, shiny appearance and doesn't get that 'bloom' where it turns lighter in colour and looks a bit funky. I'm sure there are a few other reasons, but I suppose that's the main one. 

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9100_zps64f5b1ff.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9104_zps60c9a4c3.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9105_zpsb36131fe.jpg

Tempering is quite a fine art, you need to heat up the chocolate to a certain temperature first, and then spread most of the chocolate over a stone table (preferably) to bring the temperature back down, before combining it back with the remaining and still warm chocolate. It was a lot easier for us as Tim knew just by touch when the chocolate was at an appropriate temperature, but beginner chefs on their own would need to use thermometers, at least in the beginning!

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9109_zps047a8440.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9111_zps6758f3e5.jpg

It's incredibly relaxing to slide the chocolate around, I found it very therapeutic. It's an incredibly beautiful ingredient, especially when it's of this quality, just so fluid, smooth and creamy.

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9124_zps7ae30043.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9162_zps1a88ba04.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9140_zps46175c91.jpg

Moulds are filled, air bubbles tapped out, tops smoothed out and then quickly emptied. Tim had us sprinkle some hard salted caramel flakes on the first layer, popped them in the freezer for a bit, and then did another layer over it. This made it quite thick. 

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9147_zps84f0ee43.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9137_zpsd8c81881.jpg

I just love how shiny the chocolate looks in the moulds!

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9172_zpscbbea36e.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9184_zpsfb94037f.jpg

While we waited for our egg shells to be ready, Tim took us through making a salted caramel spread. 

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9187_zps09d13602.jpg

Which we all couldn't resist getting our fingers into.

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9195_zps6e7cea2e.jpg

This is what the final product looks like after it's been completed and cooled. Like fluffy caramel clouds in Candyland. Light in texture, but still so sinful! 

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9201_zps5a00e951.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9211_zps85c03e10.jpg

In some prepared chocolate ball shells, Tim showed us how to pipe in the caramel, before letting us all take turns to do it. We only had to fill it up two thirds of the way, as after that we had to seal the caramel with a layer of chocolate (makes the caramel last longer). Then it was simply a matter of popping the halves together, and letting them sit in the freezer again to solidify a bit.

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9230_zps3d0728e0.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9240_zps8ae775b2.jpg

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9248_zps3cf7aff8.jpg

The final step was to take our shiny, shiny, shiny, shiny egg shells, gently rub them on a heated piece of metal (to melt it a little), put the chocolate ball in one half and then close up the easter egg. 

 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9250_zps701ec226.jpg


 photo cacao-fine-chocolates-and-patisserie-9226_zpsd526b0a9.jpg

Throughout the night, we also got to sample Cacao's other goodies, such as their gorgeous and beautifully handcrafted chocolates and truffles and macarons (vividly coloured with great texture) and had a sneak peek at some of the pastries hanging out in the fridge, waiting to be baked in the morning. All in all, an absolutely fun night, although we all absolutely in need of a strong herbal tea by the time we got home! Sugar crash anyone?

And what about those eggs we made? 

 photo 4c3ee062953111e2a52022000a1f9e5e_7_zps6e49db4e.jpg

Well they're delicious. Just ask dad and I.

52 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda 3182

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  1. Looks like so much fun!! I totally want that salted caramel!

    But is it weird that the croissants look the most tempting of all? Hehe :)

    1. Haha, don't think that's weird at all! Nothing like a flaky croissant to start your day after all... :)

  2. Hehe those pics of you and your dad with the eggs are so funny and cute! Hand tempering chocolate is such a great skill! :D

    1. Definitely! Tim made tempering look so easy!!

  3. Make sure you stay in touch with me about your US movements, okay? ;)

    1. For sure! Actually we've got all our dates locked in just about, will shoot you an email! :) Exciiteeee!

  4. Haha love the pics of you and your dad - too adorable!

    I'm not a HUGE chocolate person but even I couldn't stop drooling at these photos as well as the ones you guys posted on Instagram, Facebook etc!

    1. Haha, my dad's such a good sport :)

      It's kind of hard not to be tempted by so much chocolate all at once isn't it?!

  5. I've never made fancy chocolate eggs before but I can't wait for next Easter to give it a try!

    1. I had read a recipe to make agar-agar/jelly eggs which I wanted to do but just ran out of time! Thinking I might just try a bit later in the year anyway... ;)

  6. HAHAHA I loved that pic of you and your dad :) I was going to give my egg to my sister to take back to HK but then she forgot so I guess I'm just going to eat it myself :P I've promised myself that I'm going to make my own Easter eggs next year too! Such a fun event :D

    1. I wanted to make agar agar eggs this year but totally forgot! Maybe next year :)