Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cafe Vue - Little Collins

After discovering how cute the Queens St end of Little Collins St is, David and I decided to venture up back that way to enjoy the charm of Melbourne before we set forth to America.

We fluttered back and forth between cafes, trying to decide what we felt like eating, this cafe or that? Tuscany or Syracuse? The options in that space are so concentrated it's quite overwhelming!

In the end I ended up dragging David into Cafe Vue, as I knew the menu items were generally pretty cheap and I wanted something light so I could venture on into Le Petit Gateau later for some sweet little nothings...

I've been to the Cafe Vue 401 on St Kilda Rd before which is quite a different experience to the one in the city. I'm actually quite surprised at how strongly Illy coffee was branded all over the cafe, it seemed like a bit of a shame, it took away some of the 'Melbourne' charm that our cafes generally have.

However, if you look past that, the place is still a sweet, intimate space. The staff were also very friendly and extremely accomodating.

I have to say I was initially a little disappointed that my peppermint tea wasn't loose leaf, although after opening the packet and seeing the hessian-like bag, I was a little more impressed. To be fair it did end up tasting very nice.

David had Cafe Vue's famous lunchbox for $15. On this particular day it came with a wagyu beef and caramelized onion baguette, salmon rillette, a small bowl of pasta and a rather decadent hazelnut chocolate mousse. The salmon rillette in particular I found was very tasty. And isn't the wooden box it's served in just gorgeous?

I went for the french onion soup, I very much enjoyed that this wasn't slathered in cheese like I've seen some french onion soups and it was quite hearty and filling with copious amounts of onion in it. Probably just as well as I was suffering a bit of a cold. My only critique is that it did come out hot, but not piping hot, which would've just made this perfect.

Cafe Vue
430 Little Collins St
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