Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eggs for lunch at Proud Mary

Brad and I have now 'officially' been going out for two months, and in those two months, I think I've eaten at more new places than I did in half a year last year! (or maybe I exaggerate a little, but still...)

We decided we'd go to Smith St and pick somewhere to have lunch today, it being another cool and dreary day, which I sometimes find oddly calming and soothing. I suppose it helps it wasn't raining (at the time, it poured buckets later!) and it wasn't windy either, so whilst cold, it didn't bite at you.

Cold weather also just makes warm hearty food seem all that more appealing. Whilst I had been wanting to try some of the Japanese restaurants on Smith St for ages, something hearty was on the agenda of our desires and after walking past a couple of cafes, I decided that we should go to Proud Mary. Even though I have been there before, it just felt right and I just wanted a good chai latte since the last two I had had were a bit unsatisfactory.

Even as we got in at about 2pm, which I figured would be quite lunch for already, the place was still completely full! Although I was initially fine with sitting outside, once we stepped into Proud Mary and felt the warmth of the place seep into us, I wasn't so keen anymore and was very relieved when they found us a corner of a communal table to sit on.

Both Brad and I decided that we were in the mood for eggs, since the breakfast menu is fairly more extensive than the lunch menu. I had also been to Proud Mary's quite some time ago and had a dish on the lunch menu and had not been so impressed by it. Although later we saw someone tuck into an amazing looking lamb shank, which makes me think I may have to drop my pre-judgements from before...

Brad got the crispy hash, poached egg, spinach, bacon, hash brown and an anchovies and garlic sauce on the side. Brad was initially hesitant to get this dish, as his previous experience with anchovies on pizzas were just overwhelmingly salty, but being the good sport he is, he decided to give it a try.

Just as well that he did! The sauce was absolutely delicious, being more garlicky than salty and went perfectly with the eggs. The hash was also very moreish, although it wasn't particularily crispy, but I loved the soft texture of it.

Again, me with these stew/soup/hotpot type of things! I opted for the hotpot, with ham, beans and eggs. Quite similar to when my mum and I visited and got the baked eggs, but still just as delicious. Thick with tomatoes, the beans and ham really filled you up beautifully and the egg was really well and truly cooked through, going amazingly with the tomato. I would definitely recommend this in cold weather!

Oh of course, to drink I had a chai latte, which was just as i had remembered last time, amazingly smoothly frothed milk and a gentle warm spice bite in the back of the throat. Brad was quite impressed with his latte, saying how it wasn't too bitter and actually was quite sweet, even without sugar.

I think this current menu is a fairly new menu, there were some other pretty good looking things on the menu, but as I've said to Brad, you can't go past eggs for lunch.

We were both very happy that we decided to end up in Proud Mary. Service was prompt, staff were friendly, Proud Mary is still doing pretty well for itself.

Proud Mary
172 Oxford Street
Collingwood, 3066

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