Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sally's Kitchen

I don't usually venture down to the Exhibition St end of Little Lonsdale St for lunch, however, when a friend offered to buy me lunch for my birthday instead of coming out to my little karaoke party, after a bit of perusing through the internet, Sally's Kitchen caught my eye.

So off we trotted one fairly gloomy afternoon into a quaint and tidy little cafe. I quite liked the feel of the place.

The menu is written on a large blackboard up near the front of the cafe, which wasn't so great for us as we seated ourselves somewhere near the back. It was all that was available!

I opted to try the chai latte, which I soon regretted. It was quite...flavourless. The milk at least was frothed pretty decently but I just felt like I was drinking hot milk. Not particularily enjoyable!

Service was quite efficient and friendly, getting drinks and our orders taken was quite quick, however the food took a while to come out. Although before we could complain, one of the waitresses was polite enough to come by and apologise for how long our food was taking and that it would come out soon.

Believe me, I can always appreciate it when the waitress has the initiative to preempt a complaint!

Sorry for the blurry photos, it was quite dark!

My friend (who we affectionately refer to as Mini, although he's probably one of the tallest guys I know), ordered the pumpkin and truffle risotto. Rich, hot and delightful. The flavour of the truffles really came through, making it quite indulgent!

David opted for the poached chicken breast sandwich. Which is not something I personally would've gone for, but I suppose it's poached and chicken breast, so I guess I wouldn't expect it to be exceptionally moist or flavoursome, which I didn't think it was. Maybe it could have used a little more mayo? At any rate, this certainly didn't impress David or I very much.

I went for the Sicilian sausage soup, can't resist stews and soups in this type of weather! This was quite tasty, I loved the sausages, really nice and meaty, meat + tomato, you can't lose really can you? So a hearty soup, but not overly heavy, as it wasn't super thick or creamy. The orzo was lovely as well!

Overall I found the experience at Sally's Kitchen nice, but not particularly memorable or exciting. If anything I really liked the layout and interior of the place, the outside seating looked really quaint and would've been lovely if the weather had been just a bit warmer. And whilst some of the food was really good, I still don't think I'll find myself venturing out this way again, at least not for a while when the city has so many other places to see!

Sally's Kitchen
1/295 Exhibition St
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9650 9222

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