Thursday, June 24, 2010

Le Petit Gateau - The whole cake.

If you haven't figured out by now, I have a sweet tooth. Like a serious one. But not for hard boiled candies or jellybeans and snakes, I've got the richest of the sweet teeth. I like my chocolate.

And Le Petit Gateau fuels that vice terribly. In the most delicious way possible.

David and I decided we HAD to eat here before we left for America as the cakes are just too delicious looking to pass up.

After perusing through the delicious selection up at the counter, we managed to pick just two that we had the stomach space for.

I chose the hazelnut mille feuille and a passionfruit macaron.

And got a chai latte since I think that they're one of the best in Melbourne.

David got a blueberry macaron and the Black Beauty, which we had no clue as to what it was, but I love chestnut puree, which I spied on the top and the overall shine-factor just lured us to it.

We then discover inside, chocolate mousse, white chocolate and a bit of berry jam which was amazing. Rich. But absolutely decadent and beautiful.

The hazelnut mille feuille on the other hand, was also delicious and a lot lighter than the mousse, so there were nice to have together. Quite airy but really nice and nutty.

Easily I think some of the best cakes in town, David and I very happily rolled back to work after our rich little lunch break.

458 Little Collins St
Melbourne, 3000

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  1. Oh yum, beautiful pics too (well except for the half-eaten one :)). I like going to Le Petit Gateau for birthday cakes as I feel a little guilty indulging on my own.

    Jetsetting Joyce