Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Streetside Snails in Saigon, Vietnam

From fine French cuisine to the best of street food.

Street food is one of the great facets of Asian cuisine, especially in Asia, where each country have their own specialties and by getting into the street food you can really get into the culture.

Our friend's dad insisted she take us to this place where they served snails. Yup, street side snails!

Apparently the place is really quite well known, my friend's friend comes about once a week and lots of food journalists come through, so I decided as a tourist, it'd be safe enough for me to flex the 50mm lens of my Nikon.

Now sadly, I really don't know the name of any of these dishes so I'll give you all a brief description but otherwise just enjoy the pictures!

From the outside, I love all the little chairs and tables that the Vietnamese are always using...

Lil spicy snails, dipped in lemon juice mixed with salt and pepper (sounds bizarre but has a lovely taste). These were tasty and fun to eat! They were so small that you had to use the safety pins to fish them out of the shells!

Scallops, maybe a trite overcooked but tasty.

Oh gosh, these were deadly. A type of clam in essentially what's best described as butter sauce. It just tasted of rich rich rich butter and I don't want to think of how many calories was in there, but we were going at it. Once the clams ran out, we got the bread and lapped up that sauce.

Snails in a tamarind sauce, again, absolutely sauce-ish-ly deeeelicious. It wasn't overwhelmingly citrus, but it had a sweet tang to it and matched with the savoury juicy snails, it just went down a treat.

Sugar cane drink, loved this! Finished mine and stole all my friend's drinks as well since they moved on to beer.

Very generously portioned conches. Inside each of these beauties was like, 3 meaty...things. I"m really not sure how to describe them, bodies? Sounds a bit morbid. But anyway, they had a bit of crunch to them, fun to chew and of course, very tasty.

Mmmm. All done.

So think you know Vietnamese cuisine? Just pho and wraps? I think not!

Rather than try to type the address, here's a photo, since I don't know how to do all those pesky little accents!

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