Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hardware Societe - Back for brunch again!

"Ashley it's time to make your blog epic with better food photos already! Use your camera of ultimate win!"

Well roughly paraphrased, but that's essentially what David said to me sometime last week. When I go out I almost always have my Canon G9 on me, which does a fine job of capturing moments and idle happenings, but I suppose it's not quite the same as getting the Nikon DSLR out with the 50mm on it. I just feel a bit pretentious and silly when I go into restaurants and start wielding it.

However, I do agree with him and I do get a little big of blog envy when I see some other blogger's photos, so what better way to get started than by going to an old favourite and having some fun there?

On Saturday, my mother, David and I trundled on down to Hardware Societe after registering my mother for her citizenship pledge (She became Australian!) for a bit of brunch. I've pretty much picked apart the lunch menu already, so I've always been keen to come down and try more of their breakfast-y type offerings.

How cute is the butter keeper? (I can't think of a better name for it right now...)

Mum got her latte, which looked absolutely beautiful while David and I got teas in the adorable tea cosies. And we got sugar doughnuts which I hadn't seen for a while! Always a nice little treat!

David decided to get the soft boiled eggs with three soldiers. My mum thought the yolks could be a little less cooked, but she likes them very soft and David was very happy with it still! I particularly liked the soldier with the white asparagus, it was so soft that when you bit on it, it just started spreading over the bread like butter! The last one which I think was a fish rillette, was also very tasty and David couldn't help himself but smush it all over the bread before devouring it.

Deciding to have a naughty brunch, mum went for the Croque Monsieur. Just look at the cheese oozing out! The bread was absolutely beautiful as well, lightly toasted to have a crunch but still lovingly fluffy. Absolutely dreamy!

Unfortunately my angle made it a bit difficult to get a good shot of the omelette I ordered, which was also delightful, it was made with duck confit, chestnut paste, baby spinach and mushrooms. So very satisfying, the flavours were very earthy and the egg quite nicely buttered up. Mmm!

To finish off, I could naturally not go past the macarons! David and I indulged in the blueberry and pistachio, which were terribly tasty as always!

What more can I say? I think you all know how much I love this place and will sorely miss it over the next 5 weeks I'm in the US! It's not a food blogger sin to post up multiple posts about the same place now is it..? :s

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120 Hardware St

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  1. The soldier with asparagus sounds AMAZING. Gosh I wish I still worked in the city!