Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tyranny of Distance

Always three times a charm isn't it?

Brad and I have wondered past Union St twice, but once found the place closed and second time wasn't really in the mood to try it out.

But one beautiful afternoon, after coming back from Vietnam at an ungodly hour in the morning, we popped on down to Chapel st and had a late lunch at Tyranny of Distance.

Silly me forgot to take pictures of the outside sitting area...which is super cool and chill. It's a like a very cool, grunge yet hip bright blue garage almost. Although the interior sitting area is bright pink. Hmm.

See? Tables made of milk crates, that's pretty hip.

Ah chai lattes how I missed you! This was a pretty nice chai, the chai powder sprinkled on top really give it a nice bite.

Brad's latte, I always like looking at nicely frothed milk.

The menu offered breakfast until 3pm, and whilst baked eggs was very enticing, I decided I should be a little more adventurous to what I usually get. They also offer tapas menu items, but Brad and I ended up picking a main each instead. It worked out pretty well since we were both tossing up between the two same dishes!

Whoo, talk about a huge chunk of chicken! This was the dukkah crusted chicken kiev, stuffed with goats cheese and chives, topped with babaganoush, with a creamy mash and spinach.

Soo delicious! I absolutely loved the dukkah and the babaganoush was just dreamy (But hey, it's eggplant and I'm in love with that vegetable). The chicken itself was pretty good too, maybe a tad dry, but when had with the babaganoush, goats cheese and that creamy creamy creamy (it was all you could taste!) mash, it was hardly noticeable.

Spanish paella, with saffron, mixed seafood, chorizo, chicken, capsicum and peas. Quite the melting pot huh? I was plesantly surprised with this, the rice was pretty well cooked, a bit dry along the top, but not too bad otherwise. The chorizo was delicious, good, strong and spicy. My biggest complaint might be that the chicken was quite dry, but what do you expect with chicken breast?

Overall I'm quite impressed with the food portions, we were both starving, yet we couldn't finish either of the plates. The size of the chicken kiev especially impressed me, I certainly wasn't expecting such a huge slab!

Tyranny of Distance
147 Union St
Windsor 3181
9525 1005
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  1. I think I like the tables more than anything else. :D