Friday, June 11, 2010

Sushi Tei - Singapore

When I go back to Singapore or Malaysia, I like to try to squeeze a sushi train visit in somewhere.

Why? The sushi's usually pretty decent and it's SO MUCH CHEAPER than Melbourne.

And it's always a great option when you've been pumping at the gym in the morning, are famished and still want to squeeze in sometime for shopping!

So I knew that Sushi Tei in Singapore was a reliable sushi train chain, and wanted to visit Takashimaya on Orchard Rd, so off I trotted down that way.

I always find it hard to not just grab everything off the train and eat it all at once. However when dining alone, one has to put restrictions on themselves...or do you?

Sushi Tei has a vast menu, they don't just do sushi, if you open their menu you get rice dishes, noodles, almost everything under the sun really!

Even sushi with collagen in it...?

So here's some of the stuff I tried, yes I was alone, yes I was extremely hungry!

"Caviar" sushi.

Deep fried prawn floss on the outside. Interesting combo. Couldn't resist trying.

I specifically ordered the mackerel and anago, just out of curiosity just to try. The mackerel was pretty decent, the anago not so impressive. But for $3.50 what was I to expect?

The salmon on these babies was just gorgeous, it was still cold, had a beautiful smooth and soft texture and oh so flavoursome. I will admit I was quite pleasantly surprised with how lovely the salmon was!

Looking back at all that, that food's probably enough for two...hmm. Oh well.

Basically, if you want a pretty decent feed, and want a good mix of traditional sushi and more interesting modern varieties, I think Sushi Tei is probably one of my favoured haunts.

Ngee Ann City Sushi Tei
391 Orchard Rd
Ngee Ann City

(Opposite the taxi rank outside of Takashimaya)

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