Monday, August 23, 2010

Hardware Societe - August

As I have said before, Hardware Societe is possibly my favourite cafe in Melbourne, Will and Di are two of the loveliest people you'll ever meet and the food is always impeccable. I love that the menu is changed quite frequently to update what produce is in season, which means the food is always fresh, colourful and exciting, which also keeps me coming back to try out new things!

So I popped by twice last week and took some pretty photos so I thought I'd share what some of the delicious offerings from Hardware Societe are at the moment.

I decided to take my grandmother and her sister out for lunch to the city on Monday, so to Hardware Societe we went. They had no idea what to order, as they tend to get a bit daunted in anything that isn't a Chinese or Malaysian restaurant and gave me the reins to order.


I got my aunt the special of the day which was a beautiful looking Spanish fish stew, overloaded with scallops, fish, mussels and potatoes. My grand aunt generously squeezed the lemon and proceeded to finish every single bite, which surprised me as she's usually a fairly small eater! She commented on how tasty and well cooked the fish was.


My grandmother got the pork shoulder with couscous, again, she also cleared her plate quite happily, and although didn't know at all what the couscous was initially, commented on how yummy it was. The pork shoulder itself was quite delicious and not too tough.


I got the chicken stew, which was so beautifully seasoned (again, both my relatives who are passionate cooks themselves commented on this), it was tender, fell off the bone and was delightfully nutty in flavour and texture from the sauce that covered it. I can completely understand why Di said it was popular!

My second visit was on Friday, as on Thursday night it was tweeted that new macaron flavours were in and I for one, cannot resist macarons. Especially when they are from Hardware Societe!

I wandered on in early at about 11:50am (the place was packed by 12:20!), as I had just gone to the gym and was starving.


This time I decided to get the poached salmon with saffron cream and roasted fennel. I have always loved the poached salmon dishes from here, this was no exception, a beautiful pink on the inside and a sinfully crispy skin. The saffron cream was also absolutely delicious, I soaked up every bit of it with the salmon and fennel!


Then of course, to end my meal, the macarons. I was shocked when the white chocolate and pistachio and the strawberry, lychee and vanilla macarons were placed in front of me. They were HUGE!

And very very sinful! They were both light, beautiful in texture and had such interesting flavours, familiar with the strawberry and pistachio, but with that little something extra. The strawberry in particular, really had a beautiful sweet lychee bite, which balanced out the tartness of the strawberry perfectly!

They are now baking macarons just about every night to keep up with the demand, so get in early to make sure you get your fix before they sell out!

Hardware Societe
120 Hardware St
Melbourne, 3000

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