Monday, August 9, 2010

Sydney - Sushi Rio

One weekend, two sushi trains. I know, slightly unimaginative. But as I mentioned in a previous post about Makoto, Melbourne is very quite low on these little automated wonders and we both adore sushi and could quite easily eat it just about everyday if we had to. I'll try to keep this short and sweet anyway!

Sushi Rio is a fairly slick joint, softly emanating jazz from it's speakers, which seems odd in a Japanese place, but with it's modern, shiny sculptures and lights and sleek black fit out, it does work. Really makes the whole experience quite laid back and relaxing.

The variety of sushi was pretty decent, the seafood produce itself being very fresh and delicious. Slightly less katsu-crumbed styled dishes here too, which I tend to appreciate.

For lunch, everyday (I think) from 12pm to 5pm, all sushi plates are....wait for it...$3. Every single one, excluding sashimi that is. But really, how can you not get excited by that? So excited (and hungry) were we that we ended up going through about 11 or 12 plates, which is a fair bit more than we usually do...sushi's healthy right...?

Can't go too wrong with Unagi!

I specifically ordered the saba/mackerel, as I didn't see it come around the train and well, I missed it. And at $3? Well that's a steal! It was so utterly delicious, sweet and fishy.

Brad decided to be responsible and take the seaweed salad for us.

Wait. ANAGO FOR $3?! And guess what. IT'S DELICIOUS. Although I'm a little more partial to Makoto's, the one at Sushi Rio not being quite as buttery, but the flavour was all there. And that flavour was delectable. Although I do question the generous dollop of mayonaise on the side there....

And of course, I could not resist the chunky, juicy pieces of sashimi that paraded by us.

Staff here were bright and friendly, although my initial order of 'sea eel' (anago), got mistaken for 'seaweed', they were very quick to fix that up for me and let me get back to stuffing my face.

Definitely recommended to visitors of Sydney who like us, went from the CBD to Darling Harbour, it's literally right between the two places, making it the perfect, quick, yummy and affordable pit stop.

Sushi Rio
Shop 7, 339 Sussex St
Sydney, 2000

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