Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sydney - Mojo Cafe and Tapas Bar

Thought I'd do something different and start with a video! Have I mentioned I LOVE my new Nikon D90?

Mojo is that good friend who lets you in their house on a cold night when you car refuses to start. Warm, cosy, good company, good food.

Brad and I have discovered we're pretty good at this 'uhm-ing and aah-ing' technique to get a table at a busy restaurant. Simon hadn't been able to call up earlier to make a booking, so we thought we'd try our luck. Whilst initially the waitress had been able to give us a table that we had to give back at 9pm (it was about 7:45 at this point), while we stood deciding on what to do, she suddenly realised there was actually a free table she could give us!

So lo and behold, we were very happily seated and eagerly going through the extensive tapas menu.

Naturally being in a tapas bar, we started with a sangria, with me very quickly and sneakily stealing all the fruit. But hey, I'm the one with the camera, I think I deserve the prettier looking glass...

I was absolutely starving this night, so my eyes absolutely devoured the menu, everything sounded so delicious...but we finally settled on 6, some recommendations from Simon, who has been to Mojo's several times and some new things, unknown tastes yet to be discovered!

Yes you all know, I cannot resist eggplant. Especially when it's layered with Manchego. Mmmm! Something soft and creamy on a cold, crisp night.

A favourite of Simon's, chicken thigh fillets (true story; I typed Thai instead of thigh initially...), skewered and chargrilled. Completely unoffensive and fairly tasty, but to me, not so exciting either.

Mushroom caps filled with bacon, gherkin, Spanish onions and a hint of chilli, these were divine, the hint of chilli really coming through.

Truly a carb delight, potatoes baked in a tomato and chilli puree. It's like women and chocolate, cold nights and potatoes just have a natural attraction to each other.

I'm pretty sure these were a beautiful and thick tomato sauce. This was possibly one of my favourites for the night.

Tender beef, I think they said it was a stew, just obviously, not served that way. Haha, but it just fell apart so tenderly when eaten, again, more amazing comfort food.

It was almost quite sad to end this meal, I really enjoyed the atmosphere, as I keep emphasizing, it's very comforting and the perfect place to be on a blustery night. The service was great and the food is impeccable, what more do you need?


Mojo's Cafe and Tapas Bar
32 Campbell Pde
Bondi Beach, 2026

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