Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sydney - Skinny Dip Cafe

Hi there Sydney!

Talk about a jetsetting life, back from America on a Tuesday and off to Sydney with Brad on a very early Friday morning. On a flight which got very delayed.

Which means I got very hungry.

Which means I demanded eggs upon arrival of my dear friend Simon.

Being the lovely and sweet friend he is, always with his photogenic smile while I raged in his front seat, he very swiftly took us to Bondi and to a little cafe called 'Skinny Dip', which I just thought was adorable.

Oh it had been far too long since I had seen a 'gluten free' sign, so free in a public space...

I had my first hot chai latte in 6 weeks and I surely could not have found a better place to reacquaint myself with it. Velvety smooth milk, a rich chai taste and to boot, it's a big one!

I do love a waiter who can get excited over their breakfasts, I let the boys order before me and as they cited their preferences, our charming waiter gushed at their choices, before looking at me and letting me know that my choice better be as good as theirs!

Alas, I think I let him down a bit, but I got my eggs.

I think this was the Iranian fabulous memory at work again, but in any case, look on the menu for your choice of eggs with avocado, fetta, olives, tomato and cucumber. Simple, clean and hearty, whilst maybe not overly exciting, certainly satisfying.

Simon was far more adventurous and got the eggs benedict, which smelt amazing when it was presented and well, looks absolutely spectacular. The poached eggs were bleeding beautifully and Simon could not resist absolutely stuffing his face, struggling now and again to swallow properly and seriously contemplating the advice from the waiter of 'Breathe' as he walked by.

Brad got the mushroom and potato stack that came with a poached egg on top, how beautiful does it look? I was thinking of getting the same dish, but I never like ordering the same thing so that we get to try more (although in this case, he didn't get to sample any of my breakfast and I ate all his mushrooms...).

I can vouch that both boys completely cleaned their plates, which I would assume means they very, very thoroughly enjoyed their breakfasts.

Whilst David thinks that America gives amazing service, because they are forced to, there's something about a simple cafe in Australia, with really warm, glowing service, that I really find hard to compare.

Oh and yes, how could I forget. My lovely ol Nikon D70s died on me America, so imagine to my delight, when I ordered a D90 online, it arrived at my house the DAY BEFORE I left for Sydney. Perfect timing. So just as fun little tidbit, here's a video I took of Simon at the cafe.

Skinny Dip
97 Hall St
Bondi Beach, 2026

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  1. Hello Melady!! It was nice to meet you on the weekend! Your blog makes ME so hungreeee!! :) Lovely pics x

  2. Hi girl...
    Love the photos, and i miss Sydney:)

    Have a great day - SP