Friday, August 6, 2010

Sydney - Makoto

One thing that Sydney has plenty of and that Melbourne has not enough of?

No not the beaches.

Sushi trains.

Stroll down George St (or somewhere around there in the CBD) and they are there in abundance, parading their goods along the bar tops.

So on Saturday night, Brad and I decided we'd try out Makoto, which sounded like it had some good reviews, was on the way to a friends birthday and wasn't too far away either.

I was quite surprised when we got there that like in several places in Los Angeles, there was a sign up list for seats. Although fortunately, unlike Los Angeles, the wait was only 20 minutes, instead of an hour.

Double-decker sushi! Makoto is certainly expecting a rush aren't they?

Normally it's so easy to just jump in and grab whatever catches the eye, but sometimes, when there are so many options, you really just need a minute to scope our what's available and figure out how much you can fit into your stomach.

Makoto had a fairly decent variety, although we did notice a tendency for there to be a lot of 'katsu' sushi, chicken or pork crumbed and fried, chopped up and rolled in a roll. Which I'm sure a lot of people do like, but Brad and I tend to err on raw fresh fish side of things.

And we were very satisfied with the sashimi and seafood that we got, the salmon and tuna sashimi was fresh, lovely and tender. I quite enjoy it when it is sliced on the slightly thicker side, I enjoy having something to sink my teeth into.

But oh. I was so excited when I saw this parade by. ANAGO! If you hadn't read my Shira Nui review back in Melbourne, just let me tell you, Anago is probably my absolute favourite thing to have as sushi. It's rich, buttery, yet sweet as well. Whilst not as absolutely mind blowing as it was at Shira Nui, it still melted away in my mouth and was so good I insisted on having a second plate. Ah I do put poor Brad at my mercy sometimes.

As far as sushi goes, especially a sushi train, it's kinda hard to go wrong. I suppose though, with the amount of regulars that Makoto gets and hey, the fact people wait to get a seat, it is popular but with pretty good reason. The fish is good.

119 Liverpool St
Sydney, 2000

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