Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sydney - Cafe Ish

I just realised how adorable Cafe Ish's logo is, it's that perfect, slightly overfull coffee cup stain on a napkin.

Brad and I were super lucky to get amazing weather when we were in Sydney, 20 degrees, with clear blue skies and plenty of sun on a Sunday in the middle of winter!

So with a grin I pulled him out of bed and sauntered down with him to Surry Hills, which is right next to the CBD, but gives off it's on relaxed suburban vibe, where cafes feel the cutest (well there are a few exceptions I guess). Breakfast was to be had.

I'm always intrigued to see what I get when I order a chai latte, usually I just expect a...pale latte look alike, but occasionally a place will surprise me and I will have the actual chai in a teapot, which gives quite a different flavour. Although I suppose it also helps that there was plenty of honey in this as well, making it delightfully sweet note to start the day with.

Eggs were definitely on the agenda this morning, and I really need to remember to jot down the names of things that we order. Cafe Ish's menu was exceptionally cute as almost all the items had a little -ish at the end, so vegetarian eggs were Veg Ish, there was a big breakfast called Big Ish and so on and so forth.

However, I can't remember which 'ish' Brad ordered. I can tell you it was lovely creamy scrambled eggs had with emu prosciutto, spring onions and some chutney, served on sourdough (I think). The emu prosciutto was especially interesting, having a bit of a tougher texture and being quite salty, it went with the eggs very nicely.

I went with the vegetarian omelette, served with Japanese mushrooms, spinach and...some melted cheese delight. I commented on how crepe-like the omelette was, most cafes I know tend to serve quite thick, creamy and indulgent omelette's. This was quite the opposite, being quite thin, but still tasty and surprisingly not very oily. I really enjoyed that the vegetables weren't just drowned in egg, but that you could really appreciate all the flavours.

Adorable pepper grinder.

And a fascinating assortment of salts, including a chilli infused salt and a Hawaiian volcanic rock salt. Brad's helping himself to the pepper that gets grinded into a little drawer.

I was awfully surprised at how quiet Cafe Ish was, being from Melbourne I suppose, I usually expect cafes to be absolutely swarmed with prams, mothers and skinny jean adorned hipsters on a Sunday morning, but being on the city fringe, I assume it doesn't quite pull that demographic.

I'm not complaining too much though, it was lovely to have some space and quiet to enjoy our breakfast in, and enjoy we did, completely clearing our plates.

Cafe Ish
Surry Hills
82 Campbell St
Sydney, 2010

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