Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gingerboy for Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

So for the food and wine festival, I decided I definitely wanted to get in on the $35 express lunch deals so David and I decided to check out Gingerboy!

When I walked into the restaurant, especially since I had my sunglasses on, I felt like I had walked in through some weird portal into space, with it's sprinkling of fairy lights glittering like stars. Very cute.

I really liked the space, dark without being too gloomy, quite modern.

So between David and I, he opted for an entree and main, and I, being the sweet tooth, went for main and dessert, but Gingerboy very kindly let us share everything!

We started off with these steamed pork dumplings. So delicious! The skin was so beautifully thin, which meant much fuller and meatier dumplings, with a touch of spice so the spicyness was slightly surprising, but just enough to give a nice warm bite.

We then had our two mains, the first being a chicken and sweet potato curry with cucumber salad. The chicken was tender, the sauce quite a nice thick consistency which went beautifully with rice.

And our second main was a sea bream curry with broccolini, I would've liked a little more of the vegetable, but I really enjoyed the flavour still.

And to finish...a lovely tofu cheesecake with pandan jelly and poached apple. The pandan I found to be very weak, but eating the jelly with the cheesecake gave it a nice texture.

All in all, a meal that the both of us very much enjoyed. I'd love to come back one day to actually try out their menu.

I also have to say, that all the waiters were very attentive, friendly and courteous. I was quite impressed with the service.

27-29 Crossley St
Melbourne VIC 3000
9662 4200


  1. Hi Ashley:)
    I am a sucker for i really loved the last photo:)

    Keep up the good work---
    I am fighting with google so "new" blogg new adress,
    Have a nice day - SP

  2. I love Gingerboy! Your photos of the interior are fabulous and gosh that dessert looks incredible, flourescent jelly and all.