Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Council House 2

So I had I think I can use term 'date' here? I'm not very familiar with the word...

But regardless. I met up with a great guy with the intention of getting some dinner, maybe seeing a comedy show and going to Robot bar.

Do any of you have the problem as being the known 'foodie' person, people depend on you to recommend places to eat?

Now see, I don't mind it, at all, but I'm always a little uncertain if it's with a person I don't know so well about their budget and I know I have some friends who find my eating habits a little bit richer than they would like....

But anyway, I made my suggestions, and we decided on Council House 2 since I hadn't been there before.

For those who may not have noticed this amazing building in the city, the Council House 2 is a building that is designed to lead the way in development of a holistic green environment. It not only is designed to conserve energy and water, but also to improve the wellbeing of it's occupants. (Yes I am just reeling off the website here, so you may as well read about it yourself here. It is interesting though!)

Being a nice cool evening, we opted to sit outside, but what I did see of the interior is very funky and warming, lots of wood and nice dim atmospheric lighting.

We both opted for fish dishes, I got the grilled flouder, with capers and lemon and he, your good ol' battered fish and chips.

Whilst I forgot to ask how he had enjoyed his meal, I did finish all of mine and quite enjoyed it. Although the fish might've been over cooked just that little bit, but that's just me being picky.

I'm not sure if CH2 is a place I would rave over and insist on bringing everyone to, but it's still a nice place and I wouldn't mind checking it out during lunch time one of these days. And hey, who doesn't like knowing that they're eating at a place that focuses on local produce and reducing their carbon footprint? Talk about feeding your good conscience!

218-240 Little Collins St
9639 7778


  1. Oh yum I love fish dishes, and I ALWAYS go into hives picking a place for someone I'm not that familiar with - concerns include budget, taste, and being disproved as a knowledgeable foodie!

  2. I agree - I've had lunch there and it was good, but not raveworthy. In fact, it was so forgettable that I actually forgot to blog it!

    Jetsetting Joyce