Saturday, March 20, 2010

Exploring Crossley St

After going to Gingerboy the other day, I seem to have a new found fondness for Crossley St.

Went to the gym on Sunday then decided I would pop into Von Haus, an adorable little place I had been to last year but since then, haven't been able to make a trip back!

I just adore how inconspicuous the street is, would you ever expect to find some of the cutest cafes and shops down a street like this? I love bringing non-locals around Melbourne to streets like this and just surprising them by randomly walking into a door.

Just so gorgeous, it almost feels like you're in someone's house. Whilst I really liked the cafes I've been going to the past couple of days, this one really is nice because noise doesn't seem to build in here. There's very gentle chilled out music playing and you can really quietly enjoy a book here.

David ended up deciding to join me before checking out some new property and decided to get the ham sandwich.

And even though it was still warm and a bit muggy, I opted for the cream of vegetable soup, which I suspect they blended all right there and then! It took a while to come out was totally worth it, I love creamy, chunky...just hearty soups.

The plates are sooo cute.

After Von Haus, we sauntered on down the laneway to a little bakery I had spied the last time we were at Gingerboy, but alas, I had had no money so could not buy anything to sample! I was ready this time though!

The macaroon space wallpaper just kills me, it's so adorable !

So I pinched a candied grapefruit and a strawberry macaroon. The candied grapefruit surprised me greatly, as it wasn't as sugary as I was expecting to it (which is a good thing!) and wasn't as gritty as I expected it to be. The cream in the macaroon was just divine. Who can go too wrong with a delicious looking macaroon though?

Baker D Chirico in Crossley St is a pop up of the one in St Kilda and whilst serving a whole lot of sweets including macaroons, tarts and croissants, also has roast beef baguette sandwiches and loaves of bread to bring home. I was personally eyeing the cornbread, but decided against it...this time anyway.

I just read that this pop-up store was supposed to close December 24th...but it hasn't who knows when it will...get in there while you can kids!

Von Haus
1A Crossley St, Melbourne
9662 2765

Von Haus on Urbanspoon

Baker D. Chirico Pop-Up
24 Crossley St, Melbourne
9639 1624


  1. I'm told that the Baker D Chirico pop up store will close on 1 April, the day before Easter. So get your hot cross bun orders in!

    Jetsetting Joyce

  2. Thanks for the heads up Joyce! I gotta get in there to get all the candied grapefruit! <3