Monday, March 1, 2010

Woah horsey! - The Palomino

The last time I went to Estelle, I had also heard about this place called 'The Palomino' and after leaving Estelle in Northcote, discovered it across the road.

Well on Sunday I found myself in Northcote again with David and after investigating the town hall for an event, wandered down High st to check out the eating scene (since he was hungry as he always tends to be.)

We passed by Estelle, but I was a little bit iffy about going in again but then remembered that Palomino was just across the road! We trundled over and thought the place looked much, much cuter, so in we went.

I just love that blue wall!

So David got a chicken wrap, which I forgot to take a picture of, but it looked quite tasty and he enjoyed all of it.

I on the other hand, noticed they had a soy chai latte, which I have grown quite a liking to.

Although good, a little too much herbs in it, the flavour ended up being a bit bitter so I had to chuck in a fair bit of sugar, which I usually never do with any of my drinks!

Isn't all the horse memorabilia on the wall cute?

But yes, I always enjoy a cafe with a good vibe and atmosphere to it, big windows in the front that let in light are always delightful too. Definetly would like to pop back here for a little brunch or afternoon tea again!

236 High St
Northcote VIC 3070
(03) 9481 0699

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  1. I must say:)
    I like the chill vibe about the places, you guys check out:)

    Keep up the good work, SP