Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Phú Xuân

So on my last night in Saigon, Vietnam, my friend took me to this lovely little restaurant a bit outside the city that specialized in 'Hue' Food, which comes from Central Vietnam.

Apparently Hue food was the food of the royal family/court, so it's very rice based.


I let her do all the ordering, since I assumed she knew what she was doing!

Delicious rice paper rolls, but not the typical sort with prawns and pork...I believe these had beef in them. A lot meatier than some of the other rolls I had, had and oh so savory!

I was thrilled to see these on the table...I love the mustard leaves, the subtle mustard flavour in the leaves is just a treat! The sauce it came with was just divine as well.

Now this was quite interesting, it's prawn paste wrapped around a sugar cane! So what you did, was get a sheet of rice paper, put your mint, basil, cucumber, vermicelli and what not on it, then cut the prawn paste off the sugar cane, wrap it all up and eat it like that! Afterwards you could then sink your teeth into the sugar cane and suck up all the sweetness from it...lots of fun!

I probably should've taken this photo in perspective so you could see how big these were...these were very small soysauce plate sized rice cakes. Just oh so easy to eat! Between the two of us we had about 6 of these little treats...

Some fried mussels, nothing too much to say about these, but they were nice. Not too oily. :]

And to finish up, mung bean wrapped in a coconut sort of skin...the skin was a bit thick for my liking, but still quite nice as a light sweet treat.

So if you ever do find yourself on that side of the world, I would implore you to try out this gorgeous little restaurant!

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