Monday, March 1, 2010

Just a tad bookish... - Mr Tulk

I'm absolutely loving the cooler weather we're having in Melbourne, today was a glorious break from summer weather. Overcast, cloudy, 20 degrees Celsius and windy, not much else you could ask for!

So I got David to have lunch with me in Mr Tulk today! Have always read about the place, but never ventured in. I do think I will be venturing in much more in the future!

I arrived earlier than David and got the perfect little corner to curl up with, with a good book. Game of Thrones is greaaaat. :]

Lo and behold, I could not resist trying the soy Chai tea latte, which came to me a bit differently than I expected! Rather than getting it in a latte glass, like a lot of other cafes do, it all came in a teapot. It's quite a nice change, since it comes with a strainer and you can see all the herbs that are actually used when poured out!

David came along, took a sip of my tea and decided he needed one himself. Now normally he's filling his earl grey's and english breakfast's with truckloads of sugar, but guess what, barely a teaspoon with this one! Hmm...maybe I should start scoping around for the best chai tea latte...

The cooler weather just screamed to me - IT'S A SOUP DAY! So i went for the daily special, which was a tomato and bean soup. I was half hoping for something creamy, as I do love creamy soups but this was nice and wholesome. The basil was a nice touch.

David got the poached eggs with hashbrown and mustard. The eggs looked amazing, we were both highly entertained over how nicely they 'bled' when punctured! And David marveled at how good the hashbrown, it just looks so crunchy....I think a bit of spinach or something might've made the dish a little more lively at least though.

We decided to end our lunch with a sweet note, David settling for the lemon tart, and I getting the flourless pear, almond and caramel cake. Both very tasty, I think David finished his in 5 bites....mine was a tad dry, but not too bad overall.

Gosh, what a picture intense post this is! I do like Mr Tulk though, I hope I can pop by again on a cool fall day with a book, curl up in the same corner and sip on the great soy chai latte.

304 Swanston Street Walk
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 8660 5700


  1. Hi:)
    I got a really vintage feeling from this place...
    And a very chill vibe...
    Me thinks i would like it with a book, and some chai latte myself:)

    Have a good day SP

  2. Have you had the muesli there? It is definitely one of the best in town.

    Jetsetting Joyce

  3. Hi Joyce!

    No I haven't tried the museli there yet, will definetly have to do that next time! :]