Monday, March 29, 2010

Just a spot of tea and cake...Chez Olivier

Met up with one of my best girl friends, Miss C, who I hadn't seen for ages, for coffee (or in my case tea, I have enough energy as is already!) over the weekend.

We decided to go to Chez Olivier, since we hadn't been there in a while and it was a place that the both of us used to love making regular trips to.

Who wouldn't love adorable french waiters chattering away in their dreamy accent?!

I got there first so plopped myself in the window with a cup of peppermint tea. I noticed that they upgraded their tea-ware. They used to have these charming rustic metal pots, but now they're replaced with a very elegant glass teapot. I am in love with the glass though, isn't it just darling?!

When Miss C arrived she ordered a Mocha and we then both decided to indulge a little...

...and have a tarte tartin!

Usually the tarte tartin's at Chez Olivier are to die for, as they were this time, although I have gone occasionally and had one I thought wasn't as good. So it's a shame it's a little inconsistent, but this time it was just so soft and sweet...the apples were just to die for. I love the soft mushy texture, with the ice-cream, just perfect.

121 Greville St
9525 2273

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