Saturday, March 27, 2010

Golden Dragon Palace

Sooo, this post is like a week late. But better late than never no?

So I don't usually like to go out to eat Chinese food. Probably cause I get really great Chinese home cooked food anyway. So why should I go out and buy it?

But every now and again, I just get massive cravings for yum cha. The steamed or fried dumpling goodness is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. So went to my favourite yum cha place with my family last weekend. I love it because the food is good, the atmosphere makes you feel like you're in Hong Kong and it's just all very authentic.

I'm not really going to go through and describe everything we had, as we really ate a LOT, but just enjoy the pictures and do know that the food is awesome. I typically refuse to have yum cha anywhere else in Melbourne!

Beef tendons are a favourite of mine...

Possibly my favourite thing to have at yum cha...deep fried yam...something. I'm really not sure how to describe it.

363 Manningham Rd
Templestowe Lower
9852 4087

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  1. Hi:)
    Really loved that post...and all the little "plates"...looks really good...

    Have a good day - SP