Thursday, March 18, 2010

More ponies! - Snow Pony

Hmm, Golden Palomino a few weeks ago and Snow Pony today, go figure.

But hey, I love them both.

Mum's really been in the mood for cafe's for lunch lately, so naturally I was more than happy to accommodate her with her ideas.

We both had a make-up thing on today where we got to have our make up done up for a pretty low price, and then of course they try to sell the make up to us later. Mum had hers in the morning, I had mine in the afternoon, so we met midway at lunchtime at a cafe inbetween home and the event!

Which happened to be Snow Pony!

(Look at this yellow trend going on...I love it!)

Snow Pony's really very cute, and although it looks small from the front, that is absolutely HEAPS of sitting space out the back! There's a bunch of tables for 2-3 people and then out back there's a lovely small little courtyard with 2 big round tables for bigger groups. Unfortunately it was a bit warm and humid today, therefore decided to stay indoors where it was more comfortable. Definitely interested in coming back on a cool winter day though and curling up with something nice and warm outside.

Again, opted for my chai latte. A bit too milky, but still just enough flavour to scrape by. Mum's latte looked pretty though.

Mum helped me decide on getting the baked figs with goat cheese and prosciutto, with tomatoes, basil and 12 year old aged balsamic on the side.

What can I say but. DELICIOUS. It's currently the last lot of figs for the season and my goodness aren't they just the sweetest little things. Matched with the bite of the goat cheese and saltiness of the prosciutto, it just all worked together so beautifully.

And I just adore tomatoes, nothing else needs to be said there.

Mum got a smoked salmon salad, with lots of rocket (obviously!), beets and capers. Loved the beetroot, really well cooked through and so sweet! I'm always enamoured with the colour it leaves long as it doesn't stain my clothes!

I had heard some mixed reviews for Snow Pony initially, but I'm glad I've had a good experience. I was eyeing some fruit toast that had been served on the table next to us and so would love to come back to try that next time..

95 Whitehorse Rd
9816 8911

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  1. This place looks great - I am just back in London after a holiday in Melbourne and your post has made me homesick!

  2. You've been everywhere missy!! This has been on my list for a long time.... soooon i will go!