Tuesday, July 27, 2010

California - Brodard

One thing I didn't really expect to find in California? Especially out in Orange County?

Such a huge Vietnamese settlement and because of that, AMAZING Vietnamese food!

David's Aunt took us out to Brodard, a place David distinctly remembers going back to and insisted we go there to have Pho, because it was good and real legit.

A little bit deceptive from the outside, but inside the place was huge, but fortunately for us, not too busy!

Always good to have the condiments on hand...but unfortunately, not much Pho on the menu. However, there were was still quite a very good variety of authentic Vietnamese food....can someone say rolls?

I insisted on having rolls and was initially looking at ordering the Saigon rolls, but David's aunt intervened and insisted we get these ones instead. Which was a very good idea. I can't remember which rolls these were, but they had pork on the inside and were rich and savoury but of course, very refreshing as well. And the sauce. Oh the rich, thick dipping sauce....

Again, my memory absolutely fails me and I can't remember what these noodles are called. But it was a delicious mix of vermicelli, prawns (which were a little bit brown at the tails unfortunately...), veggies, peanuts and of course, plenty of fish sauce. I always enjoy the clean flavours of the noodles and fresh vegetables.

David had a variation on my noodles with barbeque pork and deep fried egg rolls. The pork was so well seasoned!

9892 Westminster Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92844

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