Saturday, July 24, 2010

NYC - El Diablo Tacos in Union Pool

What?! I haven't reviewed a Mexican place in the US yet? What blasphemy. It's only really been recently that I've really developed a liking for Mexican food, I mean, not that I didn't like it before, but it only really just hit my radar as something I really do like.

Maybe it was the discovery of soft shell tacos as opposed to hard shell. I've always thought hard shell tacos were fun, but they have this stigma of being a fast food, Ol' El' Paso tacky. You know the sort. But soft shell tacos really feel more satisfying and more like a legitimate meal, carbs, veggies, protein, what more do you need?

But anyway, let's get to actually talking about what I ate. When I went to Motorino with my friend a few nights earlier, before we went, we stopped by Union Pool for a quick beer, which is when I noticed this funky looking truck. On closer inspection the menu mentioned tacos, quesadilla's and a few other interesting goodies.

So when Chill, David and I found ourselves in Brooklyn before going to the PS1 pre-party (as if a party and an after-party aren't enough these days...) I dragged them back down to Union Pool to have a spot of late lunch.

This picture courtesy of my beloved Chill!

Unfortunately my camera memory card messed up on me so I lost most of the pictures I took of the truck, which in itself is super cool. Apparently it was driven up from Mexico and has the tag and documentation that it was all checked out and safe etc. I loved the little characters and illustrations that decorate the bottom of the truck, skeletons and skulls aplenty!

As I have said before, I also love a place that just does a few things and a few things well. The small blackboard on the side of the truck is scrawled with the offerings and I opt to get a couple of tacos.

Mmm, I have a tendency to get three tacos since they look so small, but it is quite deceptive as I find myself absolutely stuffed by the end of it....

If I remember correctly, I got a chicken, beef and chorizo taco (pretty sure about the first two, not so sure on the third...)

They were fresh, well seasoned and perfect with a draft beer on a heat wave day in New York.

After we finished our tacos, David decided he was not full and went back and got TWO quesadilla's! I was a little bit sad that they were made with flour tortilla's but still tried them anyway and man, the tortilla's were just perfection with cheese. They were thin and cooked so that they were perfectly light and crispy, combined with the gently melted cheese? Mmmhmmmm!

Oh if only we had tacos this good and affordable back in Melbourne....

El Diablo Tacos in Union Pool
484 Union Ave
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