Wednesday, July 28, 2010

California - Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

As we do know, I am a sweet tooth, but not in the candy sense. I love chocolate, I love creamy ice-cream, I love cakes. Not so fond of the gummies and jellybeans.

But I digress.

So this one evening, David, Chill and I drove down to Laguna Beach, which is gorgeous by the way. We were there at late sunset, as the sky was a pastel pink and blue and just oh so gently dimming.

We had wandered along the main stretch and I was happily minding my own business in a cute little clothing store when David and Chill got on either side of me, hooked their arms into mine and escorted/dragged me out, turned left and stuck my face up against the window to behold this.

Oooh yes. Caramel apples.

But not just! Coated with chocolate, cookies and all things delicious that I love. I gasped, I swooned, I bounded through the door in excitement. Which one?!

Eventually my heart (and my stomach) were swayed by a sweet little apple, draped in dark chocolate, caramel and oodles of nuts.

Did I enjoy it? Ooooh you betcha. I'll let the next few pictures speak for me instead.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
152 N Glassell St # D
Orange, CA 92866
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on Urbanspoon

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