Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NYC - Spot Dessert Bar

I personally find it hard to really research for a trip and decide where I want to go if I don't know what the place is like, how close or far everything is and what it's like to get around. Especially a place like New York, it's just so freaking huge and looking at a map of it just overwhelmed me!

After spending some time here, I got to learn to use the subway very quickly and understand where all the neighbourhoods were. We tended to travel with a few of us, David and I and a couple of other American friends who came to see us from places such as Texas and LA. However, instead of the Americans figuring things out, it was David and I who would direct everyone which way to go, which subway trains to take and who made all the decisive plans really.

Which of course, led me to exploring the New York version of urbanspoon more and start sussing out where I wanted to visit.

So one day after going to MoMA, I decided I needed to go to 'Spot Dessert Bar' where from their website, they sold 'dessert tapas'. Hello sweet tooth?

Jason joined me in my expedition, as an also self-confessed sweet tooth (but oh boy did I push his sweet tooth to the limits...).

I love how in Melbourne, I'm used to going up little stairs into everything...well in New York, its quite the opposite. I find myself taking small little stairs down into everywhere!

Whilst an array of tempting cupcakes, slices and ice-cream model in a display window upon arrival, I spied on the menu the various 'tapas' offerings. When I saw the option of 3 tapas for $20, I decided I would have to be the dictator and that we had to do that.

It was a bit of a shame the whole group wasn't there, there was a 'dessert omakase' that came with a whooping 5 tapas, 2 cupcakes, 2 cookies and 2 scoops of ice-cream with 2 toppings of your choice for a ridiculously cheap $49!

Having made our decision of the three out of the ten or so options we had, we eagerly waited and were very, very, very (did I emphasize very?) pleasantly surprised at what was brought out in front of us.

This is described as a 'Soft Cheesecake', served with berry puree, berries, orange and biscuit crumbs. Oh my, essentially what we got was a deconstructed cheesecake, not at all what I was expecting from a little unsuspecting dessert cafe! It was a work of art!

The berry puree was more like a foam, very light, which was similar to the cheesecake, while it naturally had more body, was indeed softer and slightly less dense than a lot of cheesecakes I've had. This actually made it much nicer, it wasn't sickeningly rich, instead having a milder and softer cheese flavour, the sweetness brought out with the berries and oranges served with it.

After this spectacular dish, we were now very, very, very (again did I emphasize that?) at what we would get next!

Chocolate marquis - alfonso mango tapioca yakult icecream.

Well that's the description from the website, which I'm not really sure how to interpret really. But again, another delicious dish! A thick, dense chocolate, almost fudge like, delicacy served with mango and tapioca pearls, which reminded me a lot of mango pudding from many Asian countries and of course ice-cream. The mango and tapioca worked in really adding lightness to the rich chocolate. Ah, I feel like I am constantly repeating myself, but this really was delicious!

Our last sweet tapas was called the "Yuzu eskimo". Essentially a few small strips of ice-cream cake, decorated with passionfruit puree, strawberries and oreo soil (again, that's what they called it on the website...). The passionfruit puree went beautifully with the ice-cream cake, it had a sharp strong flavour which overrode the sweetness. The ice-cream was exceptionally nice as it was still quite firm when served to us, making it oh-so refreshing on a hot day.

Jason could not help himself and just had to buy a cupcake to take home and devour at a later date. Isn't the little packaging adorable?!

I am honestly so surprised at what a deal this was, I've found eating in New York is generally quite expensive, but for $20 for three dessert tapas, split between 2 people and not to mention that these are so beautifully and exotically done up, I think that's a pretty darn good find.

Spot Dessert bar
13 St. Marks Pl.
East Village

Spot Dessert Bar on Urbanspoon


  1. That 'cheesecake' looks very Vue de Monde-esque!

    I'm not at all a cupcake person but I couldn't help but drool over your lovely cupcake photos. WANT!

  2. Hi! I thought so as well! :)

    And I totally agree, I'm not a cupcake person but America just somehow gets them looking super cute and super fly everywhere....

  3. thats why it sounds so familiar when u said about Spot Dessert Bar.. the chef "Pichet Ong" is Thai..hehe

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