Saturday, July 17, 2010

NYC - Ushiwakamaru

Le sigh. I really didn't try to be this behind in my blogging, I think I have 3 weeks of eating to catch up on in here...better to make a start now than never though right?

On the demand that our friend K recommend somewhere delicious for us, we found ourselves on a balmy night in June on the West side of New York in West Village.

Might I mention that I insisted on Japanese as well so K recommends to go to Ushiwakamaru.

Now as any good muncher does, I did a little bit of research on the place before going and to my horror found one blog that says they have a no photo policy inside the restaurant. What blasphemy!

But at least they couldn't stop me outside right? And although I didn't bust out the camera when I was inside, I still couldn't help sneak a few photos on my iPhone. Hehe.

Inside was small, intimate, there's a sweet looking sushi bar that can sit about 10 people on it and an assortment of tables for small groups.

To order, whilst K recommended the omakase, which David did end up getting, I decided to go with a fixed price assortment (I can't remember what they called it already...).

Just about all our meals came with a a fairly hearty salad, with lovely fresh produce. I always enjoy a colourful salad.

The set I ordered came with 10 different sushi items, served on two plates of 5. This is obviously the first batch. As promised by K, the sushi was absolutely delicious, fish melted in your mouth...what more do you need really?

Well maybe this batch of sushi...

The uni was just to die for, K and I managed to get David and Chill to try it as well. David loved it, Chill...we're working on it. :)

On top of the sushi I got, I also ordered anago sushi and mackeral (which I didn't take pictures of, whoops!). The anago, after being spoilt rotten with some of the most amazing anago I've had at Shira Nui back in Melbourne, was a bit of a let down. It was a fairly thin slice on top of the rice, not terribly buttery and certainly not melt in your mouth, orgasmic-ally good. The mackeral was pretty decent though.

David's omakase was fairly impressive, getting quite a variety of sushi, many which weren't included in our pre-set course.

I have to say though, whilst I did enjoy the food very much, even loved it, the service definitely rubbed me up the wrong way. Our waitress wasn't rude, but the service wasn't warm either. As I kept saying to my friends, she could at least pretend to sound like she was being hospitable, whenever she came over with something, we could barely hear her go through all the items. Sure your food is served chilled, but your service doesn't need to be cold!

Greenwich Village
136 W Houston St
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