Monday, July 5, 2010

NYC - Veselka...Pancakes for dinner? Sure!

On the 27th of June in New York, the Gay Pride Parade/March was held down 5th Avenue, the stretch of road normally saved for those with a wallet too big and an afternoon too free.

It was really marvelous fun, you got couples who had been together for over 30 years to drag queens with legs that had me boiling in envy (seriously, they don't get any cellulite! Those thighs!) and the younger hipster generation who puff their chests out, curve their spine a little too far and strut (it is quite fabulous though). Some amazing costumes naturally as well.

And some Church groups while you're at it.

And senators.

Anyway. After all this (fabulous) madness, we wandered over to 2nd Avenue in East Village (yes that chic little street that I am infatuated with) and wandered quite randomly into Veselka. Again it was one of those situations where I had read about the place before, but I didn't recognize it from the outside.

For all the American memorabilia, it's actually an Ukrainian cafe, open for 24 hours and also serves all day breakfast!

Being in America has given me a really strange eating schedule, back in Melbourne I like having my meals in...designated meal time slots, lunch at 12, dinner at 6-7pm etc. We didn't really have lunch on schedule this particular day, with so much fabulous to be had, so we found ourselves seated at about 5:45. Although it had been a full day I didn't find myself too hungry.

A bit unfortunate as I really did want to try some of the Ukrainian specials, but, to my surprise I saw buckwheat pancakes and could not go past those. Pancakes in America that I could eat with no gluten guilt?! I thought Americans were completely ignorant to that stuff! (Sorry! But it's true!)

So I ordered the blueberry buckwheat pancakes, which came to my surprise, a small glass of orange juice and a choice of either coffee or hot chocolate. Welcome to American sized meals everyone!

I kind of wished after having these that I had had ordered the banana pancakes instead, as I found the berries gave a bit of a sour tang when had with the buckwheat, but with enough syrup, was still quite delicious.

Chill (yes we call him that), got the regular fluffy chocolate chip pancakes, which were just delightful. And very, very chocolatey. So good in fact, the table next to us requested a taste!

And these are indeed quite 'American' sized. Three pancakes the size of a huge dinner plate, I think both Chill and I only got through about half of each of our piles before admitting delicious defeat...

My other two friends both ordered the fried egg sandwich...which I can't really comment as they both demolished them before I got into my pancakes! Suppose that's what I get for taking my time with the photography!

Looks like the pokemon liked my pancakes...

Our server (what a strange term...) was quite friendly and helpful, we were seated very promptly and the I quite liked the relaxed vibe of the place. If I only had more time to come back and tuck into some of their specialties....

East Village
144 2nd Avenue

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