Thursday, July 1, 2010

NYC - Momofuku Milk Bar

So I've been in New York for a bit over a week.

I have decided that America does too good a job of fueling my sweet tooth and ice-cream addiction.

Last weekend I got to meet up with my lovely cousins from Canada who I hadn't seen in about two years, so we had a marvelous time romping around in New Jersey (they took me there to do some outlet shopping) and of course in New York City itself. They took me to see Wicked the musical, which I would highly, HIGHLY recommend anyone to see. I know you all have bit of Broadway in you...

On our second day, we decided to make our way down to Momofuku, since my uncle had the address and we were seriously craving...some kind of food.

I had heard the name a lot prior to coming, since a lot of food bloggers seemed to be making their own recipe variations of the infamous crack pie and cookies.

The place is super cute, with unfortunately standing only tables, I say unfortunately because you have to understand at this point I've walked my legs off for the past three days straight. At 4pm in the afternoon, a chair is one of the most amazing sounding things ever.

The community bench though did give a relaxed, casual appeal and the place was certainly bustling.

There were menus everywhere! Just in case you didn't know they served enough sugary goodness that you could possibly drown in.

Oh and pork buns.

One of the must-try items at Momofuku? These pork buns. Succulent, melting bits of pork belly sandwiched with cucumber ad hoisin sauce in a perfectly fluffy white bun. It was literally to die for. The pork belly was so tender and fatty (in the most delicious way of course) and just sizzling with flavour.

My cousin who normally doesn't eat pork bun, demolished one completely.

We also of course, had to have the ice-cream!

They offer a sampler plate, an absolute steal at $6, which gives you a bit of each flavour and toppings. So going around from the white one at the front, in an anti-clockwise direction (keep all hands and feet in during this ride), we've cereal milk, peach tea, cantaloupe melon and raspberry lemonade. We also got with ours the cornflake crunch and berry milk crumb toppings. Maybe should have asked for some chocolate sauce...

At any rate, the ice-creams were delicious, I personally found raspberry lemonade and cantaloupe a little too sweet for my tastes, but the cereal milk, especially when had with the cornflake crunch was a treat. The most delicious way to have breakfast I have ever come across!

The sampler ended up really being the perfect size to share, I certainly could never imagine finishing that with even one other person. 5 was just right. Maybe it just shows how much bigger American servings are compared to Australia...?

Attached to the Momofuku Milk bar, was another one of their restaurants, Ssam Bar, which was insanely busy. The food looked very interesting, but I certainly wasn't interested in a 30 minute wait for a table. Another day I had passed by before 5:30 when they opened and there were people waiting outside already! I am quite tempted to go and see what all the fuss is about...but with so many other fascinating places in East Village....what is one to do?

Momofuku Milk Bar
East Village
207 2nd Ave
(E 13th cross street)

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