Thursday, July 29, 2010

California - Sugar Shack

One fine morning in Orange County, David's aunt decided that she would take us out for breakfast on the beach and that she would kick her husband's butt if they didn't.

I really do love little sassy Asian women.

So on this gorgeous, stereotypical clear-blue-sky day, whilst we didn't end right on the beach, we were a nice little 5 to 10 minute walk away, which was very nice especially after this monster of a breakfast...

When I see 'Sugar Shack' I kinda get the impression of a candy house, like in Hansel and Gretel with candy canes hanging from every nook and cranny.

But no, we ended up in a very chilled out courtyard, or well concreted backyard...? Take your pick. Sugar Shack is a well known breakfast place and whilst I was warned we may have a long wait, since we arrived somewhere between breakfast and lunch on a weekday, our table of 10 was seated almost immediately.

Aaah, breakfast. Having been in America for a while, I hadn't really gone out to eat breakfasts, usually just nibbling on something small at whoever's fridge I happen to be able to raid. But not today. Today I decided, would be eggs.

And eggs I indeed got. This was the 'Main Street' Omelette, filled to the brim with the works. Mushrooms, onions, cheese, avocados and sprouts...? I was quite skeptical of the last two ingredients, but endlessly curious, as my hosts all did recommend it. It certainly did not disappoint, the sprouts in particular adding a really fresh, grassy flavour and the most fascinating texture and the richness of the avocados was a real treat.

I opted out of getting the hash browns, to try to stay healthy and got the fruit instead. But after all the eggs, there was no way I was getting the fruit down...

But seriously, everyone else got the hashbrowns and they are possibly some of the best I've ever had. Extremely crispy and crunchy and just so flavourful. Mmmmmm.

Pictured above, David got the eggs benedict, the poached eggs I thought looked a little overcooked, I love a runny yolk, but he still cleaned up his plate and stole some of my bread to get all of the sauce.

Sugar Shack also has lunches on it's menu, but really, who can resist all day breakfasts? I don't know about you, but I could certainly have eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mmmmmm!

Sugar Shack
213 Main St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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